Sunday, July 28, 2013

Now We're Teaching the 100+ mil in Food Programs to Cook

We're not just feeding people, we're teaching them basics of life because the SWPLs and government liberals say so. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has 15 food programs for Americans to access. Food stamps, SNAP, covers 47 million people. It's just one of the fifteen programs. The other 14 programs cover 54 million others, totaling 101 million Americans on USDA food programs. There is definitely overlap as many children on school lunch and breakfast programs are from families that qualify for SNAP. This costs about $114 billion a year. To finish the economic scare post, there are 101 million Americans in food programs and 97 million private sector workers in 2012. It doesn't end there. We're now paying for programs that teach them to cook because they are so incompetent that they don't know how.

This piece of advocacy propaganda in the Indystar got me laughing. There are 5000 hungry children in Indianapolis. Ok, out of how many thousands more, this is a big city? Dammit, there are no more home ec classes to teach people to cook!!! These victims of society can't identify foods. They can't cook them. We need a government program for that. That will fix them up. The column points out how cooking classes are for fancier things. I guess because people taking cooking classes want to learn something more, since people who can't cook basic fucking meals probably aren't demanding cooking classes. After all, they could turn on PBS, turn on the Food Network or use the fucking Internet to learn basics. This is all setting aside the assumption that the basic human being should be able to cook a few simple dishes. What kind of intergenerational damage has gone on in the urban crowd since 1980? Comments to the article (some are gold) attempt to answer that. Maybe journalist Ms. Smith* could write about that.

After a column's worth of laying out how there is a dire problem, there are no private solutions but there needs to be for the children, we get hit with the meat:

Starting in October, the hospital system will bring in chefs from IvyTech Community College, Chef’s Academy and Purdue Extension to do cooking demonstrations at its 20 Garden on the Go sites. The effort is still coming together, but Cole says people will be able to sample the food and take home recipe cards.
The idea isn’t to overhaul everything that people eat. It’s more to add healthier fare to the dishes they already make. That could mean everything from adding carrots to chili to cooking collard greens in a less artery-clogging way.

Awesome. Glad to know we're wasting time, money and energy on this shit. A lot of commenters to the article mention motivation. A liberal always thinks man can be molded into the perfect liberal citizen. This is all because we have an obesity problem, but the media representing the tastemaker liberal class can't write, "Look dum-dums, you're eating yourself fat and that will make national health care too expensive. Smarten up. We know what's best for you, so take the fucking class and start eating better!" The therapeutic state will fix this. Big Sister will be there to take care of your domestic needs. All you need is a little education. The Guv will take care of you. Just keep voting for it.

*Ms. Smith goes to my gym, and honestly, she could use fewer calories and better food.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how everyone I know could be quite comfortable and healthy as poor people. The problem is poor people are too stupid to be poor. I see them at the grocery store loading up with expensive ready made food and colas. They could spend a fraction on potatoes and frozen fish, and be healthy instead of sick and obese.

Anonymous said...

Hey. I've been following you for almost a year and find you very insightful. It's only with this post that I've realized you're from Indianapolis. I have some Indiana related questions for you but don't know how to get in contact with you privately. Do you have a throwaway email account or a way I could send you a direct message on twitter?

Son of Brock Landers said...

2nd anon - Are you a spambot? how about use