Monday, July 15, 2013

No Upside if You Forgive Cheating

Don't forgive cheating. Don't waste your time if you catch her cheating. Learn from Thibault Hutin; forgiveness will not fix anything with regards to cheating. Hutin forgave wife of one year Martina Hingis only to see her continue the behavior. A wise man once told me cheating is either a tale of one mistake or a bad habit, nothing in between. Hingis seems to have a habit of burning through men. Hutin knew this going on, so despite the red flags, he still proceeded to marry her. Single guys, do not make this mistake.

How bad did it get for Hutin? He caught her cheating red handed, forgave her and then she cheated on him again. Read on for these charming specifics:

Mr Hutin told Swiss newspaper SonntagsBlick: “A year after the wedding [...] we were supposed to meet in New York and I wanted to giver her a surprise.

“Upon arriving at the hotel room it was me that was surprised, because Martina was not alone.”

Hutin said he tried to salvage the marriage but “late last year I found out that she had cheated on me again”.
Hingis + Hutin

He said: “Martina has a very personal conception of morality. She has always been like that; I think she has always been unfaithful to her boyfriends.”

He added: “She is not alone in the tennis world, which I now know quite well. But I thought she was different from the others, that she really loved me.”

Hingis had only just broken off her engagement to Swiss attorney Andreas Bieri when she met Hutin at a show-jumping competition in St. Tropez in April 2010.

The pair were married after a whirlwind romance.

The devastated husband said he was not even aware they had officially split until Hingis made a statement saying the pair had been separated since the beginning of the year to Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierten on Monday.

I bolded the intriguing part. Hutin is basically admitting that Hingis' view of morality is unique and different from the normal or even abnormal world. He idiotically thought he was different and could tame, salvage or whatever Hingis. Wow, he sure was different than the other famous athletes and millionaires she cheated on before him. He is also a whiner 49er for going to the media to call her a serial cheating, bad wife. Man up, take your lumps, learn your lesson and move on.

Anyone figure out how Martina Hingis pulls in so many guys? She's not endowed with a pretty face, and her body isn't feminine. She has a bit of a 5 head and no breasts. If you like the sporty look, I guess you could be down. She's 32, and she pulled in this 26 year old. That should have been a warning to the Frenchman as well. He doesn't have a Wikipedia page, and he's a far cry from Sergio Garcia on the fame and fortune ladder, so maybe this is her down slope. It doesn't matter if you're rich or famous. If you catch her cheating, kick her to the curb.

*Same applies for the ladies. Don't tolerate shitty behavior.

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