Thursday, July 25, 2013

No F-16s for Egypt

It is more a symbol than anything, but the Obama administration halted delivery of four F-16s to Egypt. Do General Dynamics and Lockheed Martin still get paid for them? In all seriousness, it is rather telling that Obama tsk-tsked the Egyptian military for the non-coup coup. This is another sign to the Muslim Brotherhood that their side is still being listened to, and they have a part of the conversation that the US Department of State would organize. The messier things get, the longer things drag out, the better for them to be a part of the power structure. It's symbolic yet powerful because a nation needs American permission to do anything in the air without repercussions.

No planes for you. Come back with democratically elected government
Egypt's military has the edge and funding from the Saudis and the US. Withholding planes, while only four, is a sign we're not fully committed to those generals. It also removes a distinct edge the government's military has over an insurgency or guerilla opponent. The Muslim Brotherhood should be reaching out to the Qatari paymasters for weapons through Sudan to start a long slog. Israel bombed Syria's reactor in '07 without a peep from the US. Delivering four planes when Egypt is not in an active war is symbolic, serious, and just a start. I don't trust the US elites, so this will end poorly.

Muslim Brotherhood gets a boost. Wonder why Huma Abedin was by Clinton's side at State all those years? Hmmm.

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