Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Erasing California

Call me a sentimental nationalist, but I love the idea of "Peak America" California. California is aesthetically beautiful, and there is that wonderful Manifest Destiny accomplishment feel to it. Americans raced, fought, settled and cultivated their way across the continent to reach the golden coast. The fall of California is the story of our time (edges out Detroit's destruction). I've blogged recently on Cali being the electoral fulcrum that Dem social engineering turned blue and how Prop 187 was Cali's last gasp at saving itself. A commenter on Sailer's Taki Mag post on Pyramid Schemes  cited abortion as the cause for GOP futility. I've turned pretty pro-life as I've aged, but give it a fucking rest. I responded with some facts to refute it, and concentrated on the foreign invasion as the cause of Cali's turn. A 1970 snapshot vs. today will reveal how the foreign invasion destroyed GOP prospects there and then the state itself.

A California Research Bureau study in '99 on California's quickly changing demographics had a great chart (chart #7 in "Major Demographic Shifts Occurring in California") showing the speed of the change. In 1970, California was 77% white, 12% Hispanic, 3% Asian, 7% black and 1% native American. In the 2011 census estimate, California was suddenly 40% white, 38% Hispanic, 14% Asian, 7% black and 3.5% multiracial. The most damning decade was probably the '90s as California suffered its first net migration out of the state of 1.2 million Americans while taking in 2 million foreigners. The Rolling Stones' career is still trucking along in the time span that California went from being the shining example of America to resembling a Latin American nation. This was a tremendous social engineering experiment to get the Democrats Cali's electoral votes and shape things easier nationally. Obama won California in 2012 60% to 37%, yet exit polls reveal Romney won whites 53-45%. The minority vote was 45% of the electorate, but the Dem margin of victory there carried the day. Some quick math and carrying forward the share of each race's vote as well as turnout representation would make Romney a winner in California (+2% went to 3rd party candidates). This would all be with 2012 campaign money spending, so who knows what happens with California receiving the Ohio share of campaign spending. Media focus on a toss up California would be toss up Ohio on growth hormone and greenies.

Mock my wistful thinking on what could be with California. It has only been 50 years since our insane post-'65 immigration policy. It has only been an average working man's career since California went from 12% Hispanic to 38% Hispanic and 78% white to 38% white. I dislike the doom and gloom of "it's concrete, nothing can change" thinking. The problem is the hand at the steering wheel of discourse, which at every chance, needed more foreigners for cheap labor, demand for social services or more votes to secure the Presidency. The elite plants it in our heads that what is current cannot be reversed, what is current has always been (Mexicans have always been in California... sure in what numbers?), and California is rightfully Mexico's. I'm sure in 1850, when the population of California was 93,000 that the .5 people per square mile was mostly a mix of native American, Mexican large land holders and random prospectors scraping by in small settlements. It wasn't a full fledged and densely populated society that was overrun. Civilization was built there by the Gold Rush, oil boom, Okies escaping the Dust Bowl, post-war GI resettlement. Mexicans were always present, but not the society.

That is the fraud perpetrated by our media and academic elites. They erase what California was and replace it with pseudo-history. The left demonizes private ownership and private property in all realms except when it comes to sparsely populated areas of land that Europeans eventually built civilized societies on. It has been 40 years; a little over half a lifetime. If it can change from normal American state demographically to Latin American nation, it can change back. If it did, California's problems would start to resemble Illinois' more and look less like Mexico and Colombia's. A nation with willpower and an elite not so damn greedy and treasonous would have prevented such a process and if forced to, correct such a real estate problem. We can only look now at California's slide into dysfunction and whisper the truth in hushed tones away from media microphones about what happened to the golden state. 


PRCD said...

California, I've decided, is the graveyard of the latest ethnicity to inhabit it. People come from all over the world for the beautiful weather and the beaches and the status of saying they live in Santa Clara or Orange County. Once here, they have 1-2 kids they helicopter parent and place in private schools. They can't afford to take time to enjoy the outdoors and the beaches because they must work, work, work to pay all the expenses they have (mortgage of 3x the national average, schools, higher taxes, higher insurance due to illegals driving, keeping up with the Joneses). When they finally retire, they have no energy left-over to be decent grandparents, not that they have grandchildren anyway since their kids are still "figuring things out" by their mid-30s. "Bonfire of the Vanities" could definitely be re-written for south Orange County or Santa Clara.

The Asians are taking over now. Their sons never seem to be able to compete for women amongst Western men and their daughters tend to marry WEstern men. Some of my Asian friends are married, but they're both pretty alpha. One's a doctor who is about six feet tall and was always good at sports. He started powerlifting after crossfitting for awhile. The other is some sort of banker who hung around with Asian gangsters a lot in high school.

Western women simply have a much different dating pattern and pattern of flirting than Asians and Asian men haven't adapted. Asian women tend to view WEsterners as this exotic flavor plus we invented the modern world.

The Hindus show up and the really-alpha Hindus do fine but most are distant betas to omegas. One of my Hindu friends flies for the Navy and is engaged to a hawt INdian women. The other I knew who went to MIT can't get a date.

Western men don't seem to do much better in the environment. Sure they can slut-around with a lot of different women but they can't get their lives together to hold down a job and start a normal nuclear family. The ones that do the best move out.

The Mexicans are actually a fine people with a lot going for him that seem to get here and absorb most of the bad things of our culture while retaining the bad things from theirs. Their kids don't do well in school and won't work as hard as their parents thus they can't pull it together to form families of their own. The ones that do best get into a skilled trade, but you have to have a few wits to rub together to do that. Most things require a fairly-good understanding of 10th grade math. The second generation that becomes auto mechanics or machinists and stays off drugs and out of prison seem to do fine if the divorce laws and child custody laws don't get them.

Midwestern college grads make a beeline for san diego before the ink is dry on their sheepskin. Since most of them got a worthless degree, they end up waiting tables in Pacific Beach and going nowhere.

I guess there are a ton of pitfalls to living here. It attracts the most shallow people from all over the world. The Okies have all been ethnically cleansed. The only whites who remain are on a rat race of endless striverdom.

Michigan - where my grandfather was born - sounds more appealing all the time.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Fantastic comment.

I'm warm to Hispanics. As you stated, they've absorbed many negatives of US culture, plus the left's victim culture and brainwashing has not helped. Another problem which colors modern Hispanic integration is the activity of drug smuggling. The cartels poison some of Southwestern Mexican culture now.

It is criminally underreported that the most common interracial marriage in the US is asian female-white male. Good combo of men who value thin women with women who value future dads. My college was chock full of whasian kids of homes where mom and dad met at elite school or work.