Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Elon Musk, Welfare Queen

Keep those electric car dreams alive. Tesla will deliver a great electric car experience with recharging stations so you can signal to everyone who drives by that you care about the environment more than they do. Filthy gas guzzling belching their CO2 that helps plants grow, wait suppress-repress that thought. Pay honor to your brah in charge Elon Musk and sign up for food stamps. Better yet, donate to your local congressmen and then sign up for hundreds of programs to rake in the dough. It is Elon's strategy to billions. If it works for Wall Street and the MI complex, Mr. Musk can do it to for a great cause: going green. Mr. Musk is a billionaire welfare queen.

Since 2002, SpaceX has spent several millions lobbying Congress. Mr. Musk has personally donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to candidates on both sides of the aisle. Like the wives of many politically active, rich men, his first wife Justine also donated to the exact same politicians as him as well as PACs. Somehow her donations significantly drop after she announced thoughts on divorcing Elon. Amazing coincidence. The Musk last name donor look up on "Open Secrets" is pretty revealing for the breadth of his donations. He butters both sides, more so the left due to his green dream. This is incredibly effective as SpaceX and Tesla suck in millions in subsidies as well as media protection by being buddies with cool dude, President Obama (fist bumps).

Where is Musk without government support? He's selling out Tesla's know-how to a bigger car manufacturer and starting up a new snake oil sales pitch to a new set of gullible investors. The guy is a billionaire, but his Scrooge McDuck gold vault is full of cash from you and me. There are other and worse government leeches, but Musk feels especially slimy due to the Tesla scam of what 20K cars on the road but a 12 bil stock value? A space launch leading to what? We going back to the moon, Elon? Didn't think so. Magnetic personalities that are handsome and spin yarns about dream technologies can lure people in. His investment in our political system of government favors and looting has paid off handsomely personally and professionally. The Tesla dream is over $120/share right now. We'll see where it is in 12 months. Enough people will catch on to the game.

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