Thursday, July 18, 2013

Detroit is a Symptom

Zero Hedge has a nice blurb on how Obama stood proud that he didn't let Detroit go bankrupt, only to see it declare bankruptcy this year. The propaganda worked, and the message worked with enough union workers in Ohio for Barry. It was a lie then, but Detroit won't be the only Chapter 9 muni bankruptcy. I recently blogged that California is the story of our time, edging out Detroit. California just beats out Detroit's fall because it includes immigration. Detroit is a mirror for each viewer to see the problem they blame for America's decline. Detroit has no one cause because it is a symptom of our entire system's horrible design.

Death of US manufacturing destroying an area? OK. Replacement of a city's white population by blacks, revealing that not all people are the same? OK. One party rule? OK. Lefty programs looting everything they are involved with? OK. Blacks eventually running a place into the ground when they finally get control? OK. Liberals hating corporations selling out US workers? OK. Everyone has their take (great book review by Foseti), and they have a point. The bigger point is that the entire system is fucked to allow the "Paris of the West" to decline to 3rd world shithole. All of that shit at the beginning of this paragraph is a wonderful product of our enlightened progress.

We progressed to the point of union collective bargaining. We progressed to the point of ethnic cleansing being acceptable as long as people can move elsewhere. We progressed to allow one party rule despite non-stop corruption. We progressed so much as to not care if blacks ran a city into the ground. American society progressed so much that it witnessed the destruction of the black family, which destroyed black communities. Our progress limited our criticism of what is acceptable to mention for Detroit's failure. Our progress gave us the media we have today that still won't discuss the unmentionable differences between Detroit's rise and fall. We have a media supposedly unfettered and free, yet none mention why whites escaped, why big business didn't care, and why the city, state, or federal government didn't do anything about it.

There are no solutions in our current system. Nuke it from orbit is out because the real estate is strategic right at the border. What are we going to do with a few hundred thousand unemployed illiterates? Multiply that by 50 or so and that is America in a nutshell. Tighten up the city boundaries and hold it under martial law? That is an open air prison. That is what Detroit is now, except there are no guards. Just try to crack down on anything and watch Rev. Al show up. We would have to redefine freedom, redefine just, redefine humane all from what they have become to get Detroit moving in the right direction. Everyone knows even if that were to happen, the scum (well connected and dirt poor in Detroit) would just move to a new city and start all over.

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Same shit in Baltimore