Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Cutting Weight: The ECA Stack

"Yeah brah, I got super jacked this winter. Really bulked up. Look, I'm just trying to get cut for beach season, brah. Cutting fat, dropping my body percentage but keeping mass, brah." - Overheard at every gym in the spring.

It might be too late to start cutting for since 2013 since it is June, but do you need the 6 pack still? Isn't your game tight? Oh wait, it's 2013, and having a tight looking body is still a magnet for opportunities. The best way to cut fat is to follow the bodybuilder competition cut diet, which looks a lot like the first 4 weeks of the atkin's diet. That is also what glamour model photographers used to recommend for the 4 weeks before a photo shoot. Carbs really are the enemy. Mix in some high intensity cardio to go with your weight training, drink lots of water and make sure to get 8 hours of sleep at night.

Maybe you're not as dedicated as the super swole brahs out there. Short cuts anyone? Well, you still need to have a grasp on your diet, stop the sloppy parts, knock out the soda and other cheap carb calorie sources. Make sure you drink water, do some cardio on top of your weight training, and get some sleep. That is the foundation of any good weight training program, and the carb cutting and cardio helps cut the fat. Everyone and their mother misses ephedra. Those bastard feds blocked the sale of supplements that had ephedra in them. It's been about a decade, but there is a way around the block.

Ephedrine. Yup, ephedrine HCL is a product in some asthma treatment pills and they are sold at CVS and Walgreens like any other drug. You may have to show your ID because those damn meth heads like to buy these pills, too. You can set up an ECA stack that would mimic a lot of the old ephedra pills like "Ripped Fuel". Take 25 mgs of ephedrine, 200 mgs of caffeine and then aspirin. You'll need the aspirin as the EC combination will boost your blood pressure. This isn't a silver bullet, but the ephedrine does hit like good old ehpedra used to. If you start a cutting diet around Easter, and then added in the ECA stack in mid-late May for 4-6 weeks, you should be pretty cut by July 4th. I wouldn't do the ECA stack for longer than 6 weeks due to the downsides of using ephedrine and caffeine for longer periods of time. If you get cut for July 4th, and stay cut through Labor Day, you can then chill out, go back to bulking and normal eating for another 8 months, and restart the cycle all over again the next Easter.

Friend did this cycling for years. Worked. I suggest just tweaking your diet and changing up your workout regimen before adding the pills. It's amazing what some focus on diet and daily exercise can do to the body after a month.

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