Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catholicism's Two Uses in Hollywood

The Conjuring was a pretty entertaining movie. It is well paced, has good scares, showcases two loving marriages, and seems to enjoy its '70s-ness. It has many Catholic references and touches in it. It got me thinking of how Catholicism is used by the tools who run Hollywood. We're decades away from the positive portrayals of "The Bells of St. Mary's". Here's the modern split for Hollywood.

1. Catholicism and Catholics are used in Hollywood whenever there needs to be a rebel character against an institution or to portray corrupt, faceless, evil institutions. Institutions now are generally of a liberal persuasion or liberal throughout. Hollywood can never admit that the dominant thought is liberal beliefs, so when a rebel is present they can rebel against the Catholics with their outfits, hierarchy, big buildings and men in positions of power.

2. Catholicism is a source for spiritual, supernatural freaky shit. There are only so many ways to explain why ghosts or spirits are around, especially without acknowledging an afterlife or souls for Western audiences. Catholicism has 2000 years of history, ritual, and tangible totems to use in film (a visual medium). Mainline protestantism is nearly dead, and evangelical Christianity is a bit too local and lacks the history of Catholicism. There are also enough lapsed Catholics (looking at you Boomers) that a film can touch internal buttons for viewers who were raised Catholic but left the church.

Good thing people need to be scared by the supernatural, or it'd be child molesters and corrupt men all of the time. Hmmm, who runs Hollywood?


Monroe Ficus said...

The Catholic Church does make a good Emmanuel Goldstein, especially when the people behind the curtain have names like Emmanuel Goldstein

Anonymous said...

I feel maybe in the 60s urban catholics finally fully assimilated into mainstream USA and stopped being fellow outsiders Jews could identify with on some level. Now they're just another stripe of American goyim.