Monday, July 15, 2013

Better Time Spent for the Department of Justice

The DOJ, headed up by Eric "Bad Cop Mustache" Holder is going to restart the civil rights investigation of George Zimmerman. Come on folks, they have to get some form of 'win' to feed their foot soldiers that they continuously screw over with their bankrupt fiscal policies. This is a wild goose chase for the grievance industry. Didn't the FBI clear Zimmerman of being racist a year ago? That sounds Orwellian in itself. Anything to deny that a 6'1" pot smoking, burglary prone, gun searching, fighting 'kid' might have been a bit to blame for being shot. It is a tragedy when someone dies, but spare me the sob story. I don't have many commenters, but how about everyone pitch in ideas for investigations the Department of Justice could do that would serve the entire nation.

1. Investigate the general behavior of Wall Street in 2007-2008.
1a. Did Bank of America break laws when they bought Merrill Lynch?
1b. Did the FED break laws with the sale of Bear Sterns to JP Morgan?
2. Investigate the reason and substance of the phone calls between Treasury Secretary Paulson, NY Fed leader Geithner and Goldman Sachs on the morning of the big stock market crash in '08.
3. Whatever happened to those poor dead soldiers and the ambassador in Libya?
4. Anything going on with the IRS and targeting Tea Party groups?
5. Why do the Obamas take separate vacations if they are so in love?
6. Anyone going to follow up to see if Corzine broke any laws, especially Sarbanes-Oxley audit and accountability rules?
7. Why is Obama obsessed with silencing whistle blowers while the NSA collects everyone's personal data and Obama keeps his medical, passport, college and personal records sealed?
8. Why did the 1996 immigration border security measures go unfulfilled?
9. Why do certain foreclosed properties go for sale on an online auction at midnight only to close within 30 mins while others sit on lots for years?
10. How did Michael Hastings car speed up with no one chasing him, catch fire and explode in California on a perfectly clear night?

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Two Minutes of Hate

The support for Martin at my "conservative" church for Martin is almost enough to make someone stop going. I take some comfort in the fact that those that remain silent and change the subject are probably pro Zimmerman.