Monday, July 01, 2013

Alpha - Beta Asian Confusion

Besides normal alpha-beat confusion on manosphere sites, there is another alpha-beta broad brush stroke and that involves the Asians = beta theme. I'm inclined to believe in the hard alpha qualities, the leader of men traits and the "would you be proud if this man were your father" concept from English Teacher X. One has to think of what different societies value to start the cross-cultural alpha-beta thing. It is even possible that we Americans view Asians as more beta solely from the 20th century experiences in World War Two and other conflicts. The USA destroyed the Japanese, 'saved' the Koreans, and the Chinese didn't carry their fair share in World War Two (blame a Civil War). I like to go where evidence takes me, and there are a couple of things I'd want to point out.

Ever deal with a Japanese client or Japanese partner or vendor? Like any ethnicity, they have their strengths and weaknesses. One thing I love and respect about the Japanese is that they promote in their subsidiaries by ability and results. No nonsense BS. If you're not nice to coworkers, it's okay, as long as you complete your individual and group tasks and produce results. Far superior to America there. A downside is their obsession with saving face and not sending bad news up the chain. If you, American worker, deliver bad news to a subordinate Japanese guy, there is a high chance it never makes its way up to who you really want it to go to. Like all groups, there are quirks, but I'll take them as a whole.

Here's some anecdotes, but try to imagine an American doing this. A Japanese businessman was present with his female interpreter. Throughout the first 15 minutes, I noticed something bothered him. Wanting to make a vendor comfortable, I asked if he was okay. He asked, through her, for a moment to speak to his interpreter in Japanese (comical for her to tell me he wanted to talk to her). What followed was him tongue lashing her in Japanese for maybe 30 seconds. Whatever he said, when the discussions picked back up, I noticed she was always looking at him during the conversation and had stopped 'talking' to me. I don't think her company's HR department received a complaint. The other anecdote was while sitting on the Mall in DC I noticed a couple Japanese women walking about three paces behind their husbands. I've seen that happen elsewhere with Japanese travel groups (Vegas). I'd love to see any Western men try that one with their wives.

I respect the Japanese. I also know how emotional and intense they can be despite the American misconception of Japanese people being cold or robotic. They just aren't emotional in our western ways, but in their particular ways. Maybe Japanese guys are alpha in a way Joe American doesn't understand because it isn't about grabbing asses in the club, being a moody, pouty asshole or being glib. Their culture and society might be structured in a way where they don't have to peacock or act in a particular way to be the man, which would tell me that they are pretty alpha (similar to Mormon culture). I'm focused on the Japanese here, but the Chinese seem to be passing laws to punish bad female behavior. Unplug the Hollywood propaganda and explore the space.


Black Sea said...

Despite the cartoon image of Japanese soldiers in WWII (buck teeth and Coke bottle glasses) Japanese soldiers were justifiably feared. They were known for their willingness to fight to the death, even in hopeless combat. They certainly weren't loved by the Allies -- quite the opposite -- but they were recognized as brutal, intelligent, and ly dtermined warriors, which isn't very beta.

My dad fought in WWII, and he was quite relieved to be sent to Europe rather than the Pacific. The Pacific was not a place you wanted to go to.

Callowman said...

The thing where the men and women walk separately and talk to each other when two couples get together is SOP in Sweden, at least among the middle-aged couples I hang out with. People don't still do that in the US?