Thursday, June 27, 2013

Will Mexicans Pull a Vampire or Split Off

Does the Mexican Reconquista of the Southwest lead to a vampire phenomenon or do they send it back to Mexico? It truly is a shame how the Mexican-American War is used as fuel for the reconquista BS. Looking through war diaries of the Mex-Am war, US troops would travel days between seeing anyone, and even when they came to towns, they were welcomed at first since the few Mexicans believed the Americans would defend them against the American Indians. It's not as dumb as modern whites ragging on early American settlers when the modern consumer economy's infrastructure is full of blood, tears, child mining labor and Chinese wage slavery. Mexican Americans are spread throughout the 50 US states, but the major concentration is in the sand states on the border. What is their end game? Is it become a vampire on the redistribution system of the American economy or is it to complete the 'reconquista'? Are the Kurds in the Middle East in the same situation? Due to the natural resource wealth of the area that Mexican-Americans are concentrated in and the coming financial shock, the end result will be a chaotic and bloody split like the Pakistan-India split and chunks of the American southwest going back to Mexico.

The vampire act is an easy one. One could argue that this is what has become of the late 20th century black community after the death of the black separatist and return to Africa movements and finally, the crack wars. Blacks had shown socioeconomic improvements, and then crack hit, the gang wars escalated, and it has been a broken system since (one could argue dysgenics within the black community as well). I would listen to both sides of that argument. The hispanic community is varied in the US with the vastly different behaviors and achievements of Cubans, Mexicans and Puerto Ricans. The main difference for Mexicans is sheer numbers (10% of all of the US population), concentration in the southwest, and the homeland they identify with is right next door. Mexican-American utilization of welfare programs is high, and they have a background coming from a Leninist state in Mexico. With their voting number potential, they are an apple to get gathered by the Democrats that the GOP desperately wants to reach out to when they should be doing everything possible to send them (and future anchor babies) back to Mexico. The Mexican vote could hold the Dems, and by proxy, the nation hostage for more social welfare programs until the marrow is all gone from the economic bones of America. The fear of Mexicans staying home would be a wonderful weapon to leech off of the US economy. This is the highest probable event if current trends continue.

Therein lies the problem. This entire regime rests on a foundation of low interest rates. Interest rates on America's federal debt do not have to rise much to create trillion dollar interest payment requirements by 2020. Interest rates don't have to rise much to cause the collapse of the financial economy and the overextended or on welfare consumer. We're not seeing proper economic growth, and without it, there is no bump in tax receipts (don't even start on Social Security's problems). The banks won't allow proper debt clearance, and the banks own Washington D.C. Washington D.C. needs the banks and the FED to keep the stock market up as well as interest rates low. With higher interest rates, the house of cards USG leviathan comes down. When the social welfare model ends, the Mexican-Americans of the southwest will have their incentive to complete the reconquista. The day the EBT cards run out may set the hoods on fire, but it will be the sign for Mexico to welcome home the people and take back land it once held.

Mexico will be looking at citizens who left their nation. Not traitors or deserters but kinsmen and colonizers. The American southwest (including southern California) is rich in natural resources. The newest oil shale play is in far west Texas (Cline shale), and believe me, that's just one natural resource play that Mexico would love to get its hands on. They can run their economy of low wage labor for corporations and then resource extraction to pay for the many welfare cases they would pick up by a reconquista. Unlocking California and it's offshore potential would be a great counterweight to Mexico's declining Cantarell oil field. They need some source of natural resource revenue to pay the natives and keep everyone happy. I may be overexaggerating the importance of land in Texas, but there has to be some reason George P. Bush is running for Land Commissioner in Texas in 2014. He might want to know where the hot spots are so if some heads need to get lopped off in Texas in 2024, he'll at least be doing it for oil (a Bush specialty).

It isn't just in America that this is playing out. A group related by ethnicity spread out over multiple nations and arbitrary borders dating back a century or more ago. Mexicans or Kurds? Extremely similar situations, right down to the natural resource (oil). Kurds could take over Turkey given enough time, or they could break off pieces of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran to form Kurdistan (sounds better than Turdraq). It might be interesting to watch not just how the Middle East breaks down, but how the international order reacts to a Kurdish declaration of independence. Mexico has the added advantage of a current federal state and victim status for their expats in their current host (USA). The true journey may be a vampire existence until the host has been bled dry and then a switch. Modern day, unspoken housing segregation may make the split slightly uncomfortable, but the potential for wider Pakistan-India divorce violence is high. If the gringos don't learn their lesson, start it up all over again with the new border.


Red said...

It's unlikely mexico would take the Mex areas of the US. Mexico basically flushed the worst of their people in america and they don't want them back.

It's the quality of your people that is the economic strength of your nation, not your natural resources.

PRCD said...

I tend to agree with Red. Mexicans tend to look at Mexican-Americans as the people who left MExico and, in reality, no Mexican wants to go back to Mexico. Their kids forget spanish pretty quickly and become the average American slacker kid playing vidya games.

I view the Mexicans as the latest group holding the bag that is California. People from all over the world want to come here. It's like the Levant of the entire world. Once here in the warm sunshine, they forget things like family, kin, culture and religion. They decline, then the next group moves in. The latest is the Chinese. As teh Chinese like to say, "Wealth only lasts 3 generations." They come from overseas as managers climbing the ladder of corporations started in the United States and decide to stay. Their kids become California kids. California kids are basically worthless drug addicts.