Wednesday, June 12, 2013

When Propaganda Doesnt Work, Import New People

Looks like our elite paymasters are doing everything in their power to get a fresh, new wave of unwanted immigration rammed down Americans' throats. This happens to be timed roughly at the same time that a bombshell is dropped, confirming that the NSA is collecting all of our telecommunications data. The outrage over this seems to be disproportionately from Americans who are white, independent of government assistance and younger. Opinion polls, Faceborg, and even twitter can reinforce that composite image, as the NSA couldn't compete with "Love and Hip Hop" for Twitter trends. Liberal media propaganda does work, but it is not nearly as effective as it used to be. Because the media has lost its effectiveness and the old socialist message was a loser to many white voters, the government decided to import a new people to further their economic control.

Right after the second World War, Americans were obsessed with cutting the budget deficit. Keynes' elixir had worked on the elites but hadn't sunk in with Joe Six Pack. The '50s newspaper propaganda did everything to try to change this. Most of our literature, dominant form of exchanging ideas then, pushed the increase in government expenditures. Captain Capitalism has a great post on this phenomenon of rising government share of GDP. He's right. What is also right is that this was a propaganda effort to convince people that the government programs were needed and beneficial. Sadly, there were no alternative media outlets that could point out the hypocrisy on display. In the very same newspapers blasting headlines about bad schools and poor government goods, you had advertisements for all of the post-war consumer and durable goods. On the same page were ads to make life a dream while a reporter was telling you how America was falling apart and falling behind. This was a lie.

It was a lie with a purpose. The purpose was to get people to shift more money to public goods and away from private goods. This was the liberal government dream of having more of the economy under government control and influence. Americans couldn't be forced into Communism when fighting against the USSR in a Cold War. They had to be manipulated into believing public investments and government control of the economy was needed. This was a steady message in the post-war period. Check Google's Ngram for phrases like 'government spending needed',  'bad schools', 'public investment', 'invest in schools' and other public expenditure garbage. This suffered a setback as the right figured out how to latch onto the free market Milton Friedman ideas and the left's '68 takeover scared America away from them for years at the polls. Once enough white Americans rejected that and bought into greed is good (initiative), the powers that be needed to elect a new people.

Importing people from socialist countries, importing people who become government welfare cases, importing people from Leninist states (Mexico), importing people who may score lower on average on IQ tests all cater to a party that feeds off government patronage power. It also is putty in the hands of those who control our media messaging system. I can look through the NY Times presidential endorsements of the 20th century and laugh if I want or just assume the default 21st century journalism setting is leftist, corporate scumbag. Who is easier to trick, Average Joe or Dumber than Average Joe? Who is easier to get attached to you, a person who depends on you for living in the USA or a multi-generation born citizen? Who won't care about you reading their texts if you give them a free phone? Who is likely to confuse government goodies with the government protecting your rights? The left needs more dependents to trick to get a higher share of the economy under their thumb. They need to divert more income from the economic exchange loop through their highly inefficient government system. They need more fools.


drunk idiot said...

It's pretty obvious why the elites on the left and the party that they control want to import a new people. The white middle class is no longer useful, so they need to be marginalized.*

But what's in it for the Republicans? Why are so many GOP hacks for amnesty too? From Grahm-McCain, to John Boehner, to Paul Ryan, they're jumping through hoops to import a new people who will vote straight ticket Democrat.

At this point, they can't be naive enough to think that swaths of Hispanics will suddenly decide that since the GOP pushed amnesty through with the Dems, they must not be so bad after all.

Certainly, they must be aware that, Republicans got neither credit nor votes from Hispanics after Reagan awarded them amnesty in 1986. There's 27 years worth of data that proves as much. What's more, if the system is currently "broken," it's largely because nobody ever bothered to enforce the provisions in Simpson-Mazolli. So why do Republicans believe (or pretend to believe) that things will be different this time!?

The push to "fix" our "broken" system of immigration appears to be yet another instance of Democrats engineering a supposed "crisis," while simultaneously offering the supposed "solution."

If I run a widget factory that's vying to put your widget factory out of business, what incentive would you have to assist me in my efforts?

So why is the GOP so eager to assist the Democrats in turning the U.S. into a Mexico-style one party state (PRI had sole rule over Mexico for 70-plus years)?

Again, what's in it for the GOP?

* Didn't Marx advocate for a coalition of the ruling class (which wasn't ever supposed to exist in the U.S.) and the proletariat to wage a war of sorts on the bourgeois? And isn't that, in effect, what's going on in America today?

Not saying that all the elites in the American political class are Marxists, but they sure do a lot of things that Marx would have signed off on.

Also, if there's an issue that Democrats live in fear of blowing up and causing them widespread harm with middle class moderates and independents, it's not the IRS/NSA scandals. It's Obamacare.

The reason the Dems are desperate to get amnesty through right now, and not a minute later, is because Obamacare is about go into effect later this year. Dems are well aware that truckloads of shit are about to hit the fan.

And they've been aware of this ever since the bill was being pushed through the House and Senate (now ex-U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr. once said in a Chicago radio interview that when Obamacare goes into effect, it will cause widespread public upheaval).

So it makes sense for Democrats to import a new, poor people. Bring in los pobres del mundo and give them Obamacare (which Dems are now starting to make noises about) so that there will be a new people in place when the middle class whites get up in arms over their newly piss poor health care.

But why wouldn't the GOP oppose that? And why did they stop trying to repeal Obamacare ... or at least cynically pretending to try to repeal it?

Again, what's in it for the GOP!?!

Son of Brock Landers said...

I dont know why the GOP donor class would want to do it. Maybe it purely is about cheap labor and diverting more income and wealth their way. They are too stupid to realize that the old GOP donor class of economic interests were regulated to hell when they lost control of the house and white house for decades.

The GOP strategists are also dumb. They think they lost in '12 due to not reaching out to the hispanics. I met with a GOP strategist who honestly thought they needed reform to reach out to swing state hispanics. Shocked me.

Anonymous said...

what's in it for the GOP!?!

The intention is to displace protestants by importing non-protestants. The H1B visa program does the same thing. The elites can't tolerate the protestant value system so they are going to steamroll them down.