Sunday, June 02, 2013

There Will Be No Gulag Movies

Cruising the Internet, I will come across a statement, blog comment or tweet asking why there are no Gulag movies. Hollywood churns out Holocaust movies and documentaries so often that Netflix could have a category for it with a healthy rotation in and out of the 50 slots. It comes down to financing. Someone has to spend the money on your idea. It all goes back to who, whom, and 21st century America isn't going to see old Solzhenitsyn inspired fictional stories or documentaries. As Hollywood is constructed today, there will be no well funded movies concerning the Soviet system of repression, killing and spying a la the Gulags.

It breaks down to these three facts. First, the Holocaust was a system enacted by Germans that killed roughly 12 million with half of the victims being Jewish. Second, the Gulags and Soviet system of tyranny killed millions with plenty of Jewish members in positions of power and control of the Soviet government. Third, Jews run Hollywood (per Joel Stein). A friend is in the process of selling a television show. As he put it, he may as well have pretended to be gay and worn a yarmulke at every meeting (he is Jewish) because of every director of programming being either gay or Jewish or Jewish and gay (all men). He said the biggest obstacle to any idea being made in Hollywood is just getting in front of decision makers. There are probably plenty of Gulag docs or movie ideas out there, but none are getting the financing or distribution support. It isn't going to happen unless they go the 2016: Obama's America route, which was a success but had a built in anti-Obama consumer market. Is there a market for anti-Gulag films? Maybe. Who is going to fund it? No one.

Our mass consumption economy has gone through such consolidation that the bottlenecks give tremendous power to those few decision makers. Centralization and consolidation make the message or vendor selection much more important and much more open to influence from non-profit maximization reasoning. Corruption and bribes enter the picture as well if one man or woman is involved. The power is immense. To get other media made, one may have to create entirely new or separate institutions. This is the power of Youtube, which, oh wait, a giant douchebag corporation bought them (Don't be evil, Google). Steve Sailer constantly mentions the gay actor helping hand up with producers. It is not just for actor but for the scripts chosen, the projects produced and the marketing push applied. A Gulag film will never be made because with a few Jews on the side of evil perps, the eternal Holocaust victim card would lose a little bit of power. The other dirty bit is how similar the tactics, leadership and ideology would appear between the Soviets and the post-'68 American left. The media wouldn't want anyone drawing conclusions from that.


Phoenix said...

The media also holds a grudge against Solzhenitsyn for daring to make the connection between our cultural transformation and what happened in the Soviet Union in his Harvard address.

peterike said...

"Burnt by the Sun" is a really good film about how the Communists ate their own. Of course it's a Russian movie.

It's a given that Hollywood will never make a film exposing the role of Jews in the Bolshevik Revolution, to say nothing of their role in WWI and WWII. And when they do get made, you get a movie like "Reds" which portrays the Communists as heroes.

Hell, I'd take an honest film about the McCarthy era and the massive infiltration of Jewish communism into the American government. But we'll get none of it.

Anonymous said...

"The Way Back" has GULAG stuff in it.