Wednesday, June 19, 2013

She's Going to Hit the Wall

She's going to hit the wall, trust me. She might reject you now. She might be the hottest thing in your social circle, but she's going to hit the wall. Even if she rejects you now, take solace in the fact that her wall connection may be an extinction level event impact.
She might hook up with you once and memories of her naked roll in your mind. She might be a classic, American blonde beauty with long hair just out for a round of golf with you.
She might dress up as a French maid with her guns boosted and stockings that are seamed down the back to show off her figure at a Halloween party.
She might look fantastic in a bikini at random BBQs you and your friends throw.
She might age wonderfully at first into a classy looking babe.
But trust me, she is going to hit the wall.
All photos are of former Playboy playmate and '80s Hollywood eye candy actress Colleen Camp.


*pop* OH no! dadadadad da da dum said...


Has Peggy Noonan hit the wall yet? I know Bridget Bardot looks atrocious. And I've seen how badly some vintage pornstars have aged.

Einzel said...

Give Bridget a break, folks. She's almost 80 years old. She took care of herself, but you can't do much about 80.

Bob Wallace said...

What's interesting is that she has her left hand covered. No ring?

Son of Brock Landers said...

I'll cut Bardot slack for being hot for an extended time then hitting the wall late. Not everyone can be Sophia Loren and Raquel Welch who stay hot for what feels like forever.

Camp was married for a short time. She married a Goldwyn. Camp marries Goldwyn who was 5 years younger than her, they stay together for 15 years, they have 1 kid, and then divorce. He turns out to be gay. Seriously, look it up. His brother was that classic bad guy in lots of 80s stuff, most notoriously in "Ghost".