Sunday, June 09, 2013

Only 56% of Americans View Feds as Threat to Their Rights

There will be no revolution at this time. While up 10% since December, only 56% of Americans view the Feds as a threat to individual rights (Rasmussen poll). Only 30% of people view the Feds as a protector of rights with the other 14% unsure (idiot factor). It should be no surprise that 54% of liberals consider the Feds a protector of rights. It is interesting that even 61% of unaffiliated voters view the Feds as a threat. It shows how the increasingly tribal nature of voting in America is showing up in the basic view of how threatening or helpful the federal government is. This poll was taken before the NSA spying revelation, so I can see it getting worse, but with all of these revelations, what rights do the liberals believe the Feds are protecting. After everything in the last ten years, what individual rights are they protecting?

Americans are under surveillance, have the PC police threatening their employment, have their kids under tyrannical administrators, get molested and scanned at every airport, are watched on financial transactions over 10,000, can have their city shut down to catch two criminals who never should have been allowed in the country and now can be threatened for trying to set up the wrong type of non-profit organization. There are other encroachments on their lives, but still 54% of liberals see the Feds as protector of rights. A very interesting demographic split is that 61% of whites see the Feds as a threat and 58% of Asians/Hispanics/Islanders see the Feds as a threat, but 51% of blacks see the Feds as a PROTECTOR of individual rights. Recently at Jim's blog, he mentioned the coming Civil War 2 and the lack of cohesion on the left side. This poll reaffirms that statement.

The left has done a good job of brainwashing their voters into viewing services and government transfer of wealth programs as rights. How could the black community, that hates the Man and judicial system, argue that the Feds protect individual rights? They are just as affected as everyone else by the surveillance. It must be the view that the Feds have given them positive programs like affirmative action, abortion, social welfare programs and other positive goods. That might be construed as a positive 'right', but really it's a government 'good'. At least we have first hand examples of how manufacturing imaginary boogeymen like privilege and institutional racism and the like to justify transfers of wealth can create an entire mentality that the 'government is good because it gives me things'. LBJ was right.

This 56% number should scare the powers that be. Rasmussen's number will be higher after the NSA announcement. This is all while we have not made a single tough decision after the financial crisis. There has been an erosion of our purchasing power and evaporation of paper wealth, but hasn't the toughest thing we've agreed on been the sequestration? We could have rolled back the entire stimulus program, but shucks, no republicans thought of that $700 billion savings. Has any institution been pushed into bankruptcy? No. We've created new programs and expanded old ones. This is why a currency crisis is going to push things much farther along than the phony war period we are in now. When the Iphone purchases are delayed, the vacations cut back and the goodies reduced or removed, then that 56% will magically grow. The Egyptians needed bread to get too expensive. Overweight Americans will need slightly more luxurious incentives to revolt.

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