Friday, June 21, 2013

Obamacare Destroys Opposition Donors: Doctors

Sometimes I worry about having tunnel vision with regards to money and society. I'm not saying money is the root of all evil, but money is power, and in America, money means everything. We have abandoned much to pray to the gods of materialism and money. Money is power and in a world of ever increasing government spending, regulation, contract assigning and other interference, money and government cannot be separated. Obamacare is an abomination that will forever change not just medicine but politics. The British have learned that once you insert the government into medicine, almost all political arguments get back to who gets what with regards to medicine. Obamacare might have been a Machiavellian attempt to disrupt a source of money for the political opposition.

Many articles on Obamacare's effects on the medical profession have cited the idea that doctors will either have to step up into boutique, higher value specialty work or slide over to work in-house for a hospital. Revenues are just not going to be there and costs are going to rise for independent MD offices. It might be an unintended consequence, but considering everything the left does is to silence and destroy opposition everywhere and anywhere, that is probably a feature not a bug. Check out campaign contributions from hospitals. Now check out contributions from health care professionals. The hospitals, nursing homes and organizations favor the Democrats over the GOP, while health care professionals favor donations to the GOP over the Democrats. By destroying the ability of many MDs to operate independently, and therefore roll into hospital employment, the Democrats are potentially altering the flow of campaign contributions.

It might sound comical, but doctors have been a long obstacle to the creep of the federal government. As long as conservatives have fought the approach of socialized medicine, they have received campaign contributions from doctors. From an old New Republic article by Louis Lasagna in 1965,
"the practicioner of medicine is a member of the shrinking body of American entrepreneurs. Most doctors continue to 'run their own business' and are understandably opposed to interference with their economic affairs".
The left can eliminate them now and make them dependent on hospitals for maintaining their earnings. Their quasi-small business owner traits will be traded in for well paid employees of a company, and one that is most likely part of a large corporation through the M&A activity in health care. It took forty-five years, but the progressive steamroller rolls on.

While nowhere near the revenue and power of independent oil wealth, doctors and health professionals with small practices are an independent source of money (power) that has increasingly come under government regulation and strain. Obamacare's effect of pushing more of them into hospitals suddenly slides more of them into a situation where their livelihood is tied to the hospital more than their efforts. This creates the government-big biz relationship that we see everywhere, which will align their interests with those that seek more government power. Support our bid for more power, we'll siphon more of the spoils and send it over to you. You better toe the line, donate to us and vote for us or else we'll start letting in those foreign doctors who will gladly work in America for lower than what we pay you. It might seem small, but a $2-4 million swing in campaign contributions can make a difference in a swing state. I hope that in the future, historians will point to legislation like Obamacare (and upcoming immigration reform) as the dangers of democracy and markers for the decline of the USA. Obamacare is like herpes. It's horrors can be unseen but don't worry, it'll flare up again soon enough.

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PRCD said...

The Democrats are the party of big business and FIRE. There is essentially no stopping their juggernaut until Asia makes off with all of our cash.