Sunday, June 09, 2013

NSA Domestic Spying Story, Why Now?

When the NSA Domestic spying story broke, it hit a lot of normies with a shock. It also confirmed the thoughts many people had, myself included, of the US security apparatus collecting everything they can about us. Hell, I put "just joking NSA" or "NSA, this is just a hypothetical" into some emails. I couldn't help but keep going back to the 2012 Wired article on the NSA building the giant data center in Utah meant to maintain this hoard of information. The phrase turnkey totalitarian system stuck in my head. The Wired article has all of the nuts and bolts that the new Guardian expose's revelations just confirm. Everything people are up in arms about was described as a possibility or a goal of the NSA in the Wired article. We live in a highly coordinated media landscape, so why now?

A straightforward answer is that this is a horrible injustice that needed revealing, and, finally, one man took that fateful step. The NSA has been lying and need to be brought to heel. Sure, and the NY Times printed Ellseberg's Pentagon Papers about JFK-LBJ decisions to help people support withdrawal, not to make the military + Nixon look bad (Nixon was holding LBJ's bag). It is pretty amazing an employee of Booz could just copy files and walk out with them. I need an approved and scanned thumb drive before bringing it to and from work. Considering how blasé people in the government apparatus are about slideshows and presentations (DoD calls Catholics + evangelicals extremists), I can buy this one. This is getting huge press while the Catholic/evangelicals are extremists one isn't because this means something to the privacy crowd, which is a SWPL approved thing.

A different answer centers around the media. The Obama team has spent years working the media over, and the AP chief called Obama's seizure of records as unconstitutional. Obama served their blue team purpose, and they covered for him for years to be elected and then re-elected. Going after the media might be the step for the media to work hard on smearing him and turning him into a lame duck very quickly. Obama was re-elected with little political capital, already wasted a media propaganda effort in gun control, and then he targeted his best constituency that has power (the media). They could be saying, "Fuck you kid, we've been at this a long time and have taken out bigger fish, so back off". This NSA flap just confirms the thoughts of many American citizens, and just proves the details of off the record or ex-NSA officials from the Wired story. The media might have spent the last year looking for any source who would confirm the Wired story's details. Interesting to release it all within 6 months of inauguration. Here also lies in the medium is the message. Snowden is a 29 year old, Southern white guy who didn't do great in school, but hey, he liked Obama and then grew disillusioned. He didn't rebel until after the '12 election, but hey, SWPLs + young techies, it's OK to let Obama go now. He didn't live it to the hype, and isn't the cool black guy you assumed he was because he was half black with a black wife. Let him go. Young white conservatives also get to see how just one single guy can bring down the system. A little something for every young white demographic, and believe me, looking at Twitter, blacks and Hispanics don't care about this.

To totally rip off the Moldbug Red Empire/Blue Empire or parts of the Polygon that are red vs. blue bit, this NSA revelation is a stab at the Department of Defense (NSA + contractors all within the umbrella). Any change from their wishes or bad PR will hand cuff our boys at DoD, and weaken them in relation to the rest of the Polygon. Are we going to bomb Iran to prevent them from getting the bomb? Who knows, but you feel less certain about it now than months ago, right? Are we going into Syria? The media has been pushing this for over a year, and 68% of Americans are still against intervention. The Libya intervention has a bad aftertaste as a failed state and Benghazi floating around, and Egypt looks awful. Another tic might be found in Obama's speech on the War on Terror this spring. He spoke of the War on Terror being over, and was meandering, more so than this post, about efforts to stop or fight terrorism. Let's be honest, we killed OBL and Al Qaeda did nothing in retaliation. Nothing. They are effectively done. Al Qaeda as a brand of terrorism is alive, like I said with Boston, Al Qaeda is a rallying cry for disaffected Muslim youths. We won't quarantine that culture, but we still need to be aware of jihad, knowing Al Qaeda is a shadow of itself. This revelation could be that the feds announce what they can do from a capabilities standpoint, but through the public outrage and press coverage, Congress hammers out what they can do from a legality standpoint. No one gets in trouble, but everything gets codified. We're rolling things back though because we're going to be looking inward for the next 10 years.

Is there another reason? Probably. It's probably the real reason. It does make me wonder if candidates can ask for quote check and the government does have the ability to spike things, how did this editor go forward with this story without anyone upstairs knowing? I do think that an apology is owed to all of those people who warned about civil liberties when the PATRIOT ACT and initial post-9/11 spying stuff started. You all were right. I just hope this makes more Americans sick of the entire system. Sure the Feds could build a system like this, but individual states or even a block of states couldn't, right? An America without a United States couldn't fund and execute on this, so that could be a pitch for secession, oh wait- I'm just a suburban Millenial with a FIRE economy job. I'm just speculating. This is just the rambling of some fool not to be taken seriously. Don't mind me, NSA.

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