Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Mike Bloomberg will be the 2016 Democrat Nominee for President

Washington DC continues to suffer dysfunction from an incompetent president, an idiotic Senate majority leader and an obstinate opposition party held House. The midterm elections will bring no change to the situation either. The presidential campaign season kicks off. There's one problem. The Dems are a headless horseman. They have no front runner, and have you seen HRC recently? She looks really old and isn't the sharp woman she used to be. I'm now leaning towards she doesn't run. This leaves a wide open field with absolutely no leader, and don't tell me Joe Biden is going to get the nomination. Biden wants it, but he won't get it. Cuomo, O'Malley and Scweitzer could run, but the media can't sell boring white guys as the leader of the dynamic, diverse party. Here's who would: Mike Bloomberg.

Mike Bloomberg can announce his candidacy but not as a Republican or Independent. He can set up a press conference and announce that the GOP has gone too extreme (untrue but it will sell), and that he will seek the nomination of the Democrat party for president. Can't you hear him saying "I didn't leave the GOP, it left me", and the media trumpeting it? Bloomberg is perfect as he is a nanny state executive, which fits wonderfully with the modern left that has morphed into the party of statism. Bloomberg would do well with independents. Bloomberg has the built in cash to fund his candidacy, has experience running a large corporation as well as the NYC machinery, is a good speaker, and represents the 1% so they will not be scared by his leadership. The wealthy will know Bloomberg will protect them.

Here's the sneaky part. He's already been maneuvering for this. The first two years between presidential elections is the invisible primary. Candidates seek support, grab an issue they think will play in 4 years and try to step up onto the stage to be considered presidential timber. Obama didn't worry about this as the media did it for him (how often did you read "Maybe 1st black POTUS?"). Bloomberg has grabbed gun control as his invisible primary issue, which plays perfectly to statist lefties. Bloomberg also has a mouthpiece he controls (Bloomberg media) and fits perfectly into the soft media messaging since last summer. Notice how the media kept mentioning the mayors the Democrats have, but when you looked at the list, they were all completely unaccomplished (all but one) or just became mayor (Rahm, the one)? Those articles primed the ground for America, especially lefty voters, to accept the idea that a candidate could go from mayor to president. Bloomberg will ride that priming. He'll also be an outsider not connected to the administration at all, which is going to be huge after 8 years of Obama fatigue.

A small argument against Hillary. Some high profile staffers have resigned and abandoned her, she will be beyond the 14 year freshness rule, she has spent the '04, '08, '12 and '16 being linked to a potential presidential run, and she will look horrible in HD by '16. When was the last time you saw her standing for an interview or public appearance? Something is up with her physically. She's also kind of played out and has shown herself to suck in general as Secretary of State. I do think she'd have been better than Obama as she understood the DC machinery much better than him, but alas, she was a terrible campaigner and not the shiny object for the media. My guess is that she announces in mid-'15 that she isn't running. The Dems will freak out.

Bloomberg wants it. Everyone in a position of executive government power pictures his or herself in the big chair. Bloomberg is pretty competent. He also is smart enough to know that stop and frisk has served NYC well. One problem: he's going to be 74* in '16. He's far healthier than HRC, but still that's old. He has a major advantage though by running as a Democrat at 74. While age is a problem for Republicans, it will be a boon for a Democrat. Just remember the Dems went from blasting "you have to be a veteran to be President" to having a battle in '08 being HRC and Obama. The Dems will be desperate, and they will gladly accept help from multibillionaire Bloomberg. That will work, the Democrat party is the party of the little guy, so one of the top 10 richest Americans running as a Democrat won't be a problem. By any means necessary.

*Weird twist is that he'd be the 1st Silent Generation president.


Portlander said...

Good call. No argument here.

With the drugs and doctors billionaires have at their disposal, you can easily subtract 10, if not 20, from their nominal age. Geez, look at Buffet & Munger. 74 for a billionaire is nothing.

Bloomberg wouldn't be half bad if he weren't such a nanny-crat statist. He'll ban sh*t just to prove he has the power to ban sh*t.

Inane Rambler said...

While I find the chance of Bloomberg running as a Democrat in 2016 to be above zero, I doubt he could win if he was the Democrat nominee.

FWG said...

My question is, will a Jew get nominated?

Son of Brock Landers said...

Bloomberg wants it. He also has complete freedom starting next spring to do whatever. He'll make moves. I also think the Dems can nominate a Jew. If Eliot Spitzer hadn't had his weird stuff get out, then he would have been the nominee in 2016 anyway.