Monday, June 03, 2013

Meet a Future Conquistador-American Ruler

News from the future rulers of America. George P. Bush was proud to announce the birth of his son, Prescott Walker Bush. This is a double win for the Bush family as it gives George P. a baby boy, proving that his boys can swim for today's voters and sets up the next generation. Prescott Walker Bush will be perfect for future Governor-Generale of the future Republic of Texas in 2064 (or Prime Minister of Midwestopia depending on the breaks). The greatest thing going for this Prescott Walker Bush (what a wonderfully dynastic and WASPy name) is that while he has a blonde haired, blue eyed mom and is the eldest male of his generation in the most powerful political family in America (like his dad but not like grandpa Jeb), he gets to say he is a minority! Conquistador-Americans for America!

I should've put the moves on Barbara at Federal Jacks in Kennebunkport in 2004.

I'd hit it.


Anonymous said...

Most Hispanics or Latinos (Central and South Americans), are Mestizos, meaning mixed race.

Meaning most of them are 50-60% European by blood thanks to the Conquistadors, Spanish/Portuguese explorers and various waves of immigration from Europe and Asia, leading a large mixed population, a small white population and a very small (1-3%) Amerindian population.

Son of Brock Landers said...

Agreed. George P, and his son, would fit right in with many sudamericanos. Some countries like Argentina are 85% euro. I dated a blonde Hispanic girl with freckles. I can pass in South America with my Spanish skills.

Inane Rambler said...

I could possibly pass (at least as a white South American) if I wore cosmetic contacts to hide my blue eyes and tanned a little to darken my skin.

At least I would look no less Hispanic than Marco Rubio or a male version of "Aztec Warrior Princess" (h/t Steve Sailer)

Actually, I think that's why I laugh at some of the people who insist that they aren't white, that they're "Hispanic"