Thursday, June 13, 2013

Lifetime Abortion Incidence + Black Marriage

The cathedral does a good job of choking off some information. I scoured the Internet looking for "what percentage of women get an abortion in their lifetime". It was a bit difficult to find, but a study in 2011 said the cumulative abortion incidence for American women is roughly 30% (300 per 1000 women by age 45). A source for data in 2008 says it is around that figure as well. This might be under reported due to self reporting when women get one done, but it is the best we have. Couldn't find that stat broken out by race, odd. I started searching for this after having a talk with a black friend about the Gosnell grand jury testimony. She mentioned how the GOP tries to reach out to black women but then demonize the stuff they like, proceeding to list a bunch of gimme-gimme government programs. Abortion was one of them. I then played dumb and mentioned the variety of things about abortion like "it's sad rough of a life it is for so many black women that they choose to end a life rather than raise it" and "isn't it weird the libs always put Planned Parenthoods in the hood". It didn't sink in for her. Her lesson for me didn't sink in until I did the search. The abortion incidence rate is a measurable figure that is a clue to the black marriage problem. It may point to black females disqualifying more black men.

If the lifetime rate is 30% of all women, but black women get abortions at a rate 5x or so higher than white women and only make up 12.5% of the female population, what is their lifetime rate? It's got to be higher right? We know that roughly half of all black pregnancies end in abortion, but what if it's a similar number for black women getting abortions? What if the number is freakishly high like 60%? Something that is that common might move from being considered a "grave, serious choice" (liberals use this phrasing) to just another form of birth control. Just another form of BC is the argument used by some social conservatives that abortion acts as BC for irresponsible women. Cons want you to think that the decision is nonchalant, therefore women are horrible thinking this way about new life while the libs mention it is as grave matter and only a women in a tough situation would turn to abortion. You, middle of the road voter, will support it if you think every woman getting an abortion is searching her soul before doing so. If abortion in the black community is that widespread, it leans towards the just another form of BC, not serious choice side. If it does, then this is another government paid for good. If it does, then the aborted baby is not your child but a burden or obstacle for you.

Sorry for the abortion paragraph tangent. The marriage problem came up in a comment thread on GLPiggy. I mentioned that instead of purely viewing the declining marriage rate of blacks as men withdrawing but of them not being up to snuff with drop out rates and criminality factored in. If you read the Black Boys Report, the high school completion rate since 2000 (nothing earlier) has consistently been under 50% with some years under 45%, so if you meet a black guy under 30, there's a 1 in 2 chance he didn't graduate high school. Should we blame black marriage rates declining with an education fact like that? Another commenter mentioned men being disqualified by the women, and even Heartiste mentioned it is a 2 way street. I kind of laugh since the Roosh Forum is full of fantastic, college educated black guys bitching about black women and my workplace has a clique of wonderful, flawless black women that bitch about the lack of good brothers. It is a two way street, but what facts may tip us off as to who is more to blame. Aborting children at absurd rates in relation to every other race does have socioeconomic factors at work, but it is the ultimate sign of women saying "You and your seed are not worthy".

If a matrilineal and matrilocal community uses abortion that much and marriage is a problem, then the marriage problem may lend credence to the good brother shortage concept. The entire culture condones the killing of new life on a rate far outside the norms of other ethnic groups, and their fathers are treated as disposable units to subtract or add on mom's whim. A man is assigned no value and excluded when mom says so. Hell, his seed is worth so little that half of the time his children are aborted. Social conservatives, right wingers and generally everyone who is not a white liberal points out the harm that rap's glorification of thug life as well as movies have on black youths, but what of the immediate message of a child's father not being worthy? The constant flow of men in and out, men who don't succeed at the rate of women and are semi-attached must consistently send the message of useless men. This has to affect the value assigned to men and the expectations of their role in the family. Fixing the decline of marriage is a multivariable situation. There are many things that will have to be addressed, but it will help everyone to admit that both genders are contributing to the problem.

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