Saturday, June 15, 2013

Help Syria? No, Help Rich Arab Partners

It has been a long propaganda campaign by the US media and the administration to prod and push the American public into supporting military intervention in Syria's Civil War. The little dorks at have jumped into the act as well. There has been discussion of atrocities, which turned out to be by the guys we will support. It is about toppling a dictator to install democracy, which will put another Islamist party in power that is aligned with Al Qaeda. No one with any reach outside of Zero Hedge has discussed what it is really about, which is a nice, fat natural gas pipeline for the Qataris (links 1, 2). We will not get the gas, but we support this because the Qatari and Saudi billionaires are in our billionaire dollar bloc.

In the second link, Zero Hedge does a great job of explaining why the Assad regime stands in the way of Qatar and Turkey's ambitions to transport and deliver gas to European markets. This is a win for Qatar as the Saudis do support the Islamist rebels, but they do not support Qatari gas exports. The entire Nabucco gas pipeline system, which Turkey has the control center piece to, is a way for non-Russian gas to make its way to energy hungry European markets. This is a win for Europe as they get cheaper natgas, and can't be threatened by the Russians (loss for them). Israel wins by destroying Assad, which will weaken Iran. Al Qaeda and Islamists get a win, what? This is a win for America because.... wait there is no win for the USA. This is just a required duty of running the Global Protection Racket. Qatar is home to a giant American Air Force base, which we built after we moved operations out of Saudi Arabia. The Saudis and Qataris are massive purchases of US debt with both of their sovereign wealth funds in the global top 10 (if you consolidate China's). Those funds also buy up a ton of debt and equity of American businesses. We need to recycle that money. How will the Qataris get more? Export more gas!

This truly is a conflict we should stay out of due to the bigger picture issues. Left them keep killing each other. Russia and China have their client states in the MENA, and so do we. Turning Syria from an Assad regime to a collapsed state like Egypt, just ties them to our camp and pisses off Russia/China. The natgas issue will anger Gazprom/Russia. Do we want to upset the two countries that are amassing gold reserves and agitating for a realignment of the internal monetary order? Our elites most likely don't care because we're top dog and will always be (idiots). The financial elites and State department must have pitched globalization to the Military-Industrial complex as a way to foster more need for intervention and limited kinetic action to increase revenue streams and stabilize earnings. Plus, the MI corps get new buyers of weapons! What happens to Iran? If they lose Assad, it hurts them, but it also sends a message to beef up all defense measures and quicken work on nukes. Iran has an election coming up, and they had riots the last time. Hmmmmmm. Bigger historical picture: it's a shame the Romans didn't work with the Persians for peace and to power share in the Middle East, creating stronger communities and defenses cemented for centuries to rub out Mohammad when his band of roving warrior cousins started to expand.

The American people do not want to intervene in Syria. They don't want immigration reform either, but our bought and paid for political class does. Just like the billionaires playing the tunes and calling the shots in domestic deals, so it goes in international affairs. These Arab billionaires are dirty bastards, but they are aligned with us, and our dirty bastards. Let's give three cheers for globalization. We make others billionaires, they become part of our economic system, and then we have to show up to flex muscle when they ask for it. This really is just an overt step in our involvement in Syria. There is a theory that Benghazi was our coordination point for running guns and equipment to the Syrian rebels since Gahdafi's death (Google it). We all know how right many conspiracy theories have been proven the last month. Sit back and enjoy the show. We're about to see if a Russian and Chinese proxy can defend against US support when given time to plan a defense. Despite Saudi and Qatari billions flowing to rebels, Assad seemed to securely have the upper hand, which is why Uncle Sam is jumping in. Only time will tell, but remember, this is for a Qatari emir and his natural gas.

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