Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

Wake up, and then wake up and excite my son because dad is home, not just mom, so it's party time. Eat breakfast with some music on, and laugh at which songs make him dance. Play 'clock-clock' where I put him up on the counter so he can play with the radio. Put him down, let him run around playing. Maybe we play with his megablocks, building a city. We'll use his chalkboard to do 'teach' where he reads letters and numbers I randomly write. He's pretty sharp for 2. He'll ask me to draw a chicken, duck, bear, sun, dog and tree. He's gotta eat and watch a show. After his nap, he'll play around, and get out in the backyard. He'll entertain himself with occasional help. He eats dinner. Eventually, we'll repeat the cycle from the morning, blocks, teach, show, whatever. We'll get mom in on the act and go for a walk. If I get behind the stroller, it is to pop a wheelie to get him laughing. Mom will bring him up for a bath, and dad will unwind. Mom will get him ready for bed, read him a story and then tell him to call for dad, "Daaaaadyyyyyy". Half the time, I come in immediately, and other half, I walk beyond the doorway like I can't hear him, "Someone talking?". He laughs every single time. I make it in, give him a high five, hug and sometimes tickle him if he rolls around. I put the stuffed polar bear (Evgeny) on the edge of his crib, which he throws out like he's a rebel. We close the door as I hear him say "Night night, love you". That is not Father's Day. That's every weekend.

Marriage is not a monolith. Fatherhood is not a prison. Life is what you make of it. Yes, this is idealized, self-serving family man propaganda, but this was false choice, self-serving bachelor man propaganda... but I won't flop so terribly that I need to add a clarifying update. Plus, my paragraph is true. I live a blessed life.

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Thank you for your wisdom.