Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Democracy - Rule by Illiterates

Democracy, the God that failed, as the Hans-Hermann Hoppe book is titled. I'm preaching to the choir here, but if you are not the choir, you may see an idiocracy coming. Take a look at election results: it is already here. We have wealthy elites that use representatives to get coalitions and mobs of people on their side to vote them into power to shift more resources their way, which they then share a little bit with the little people. The 2012 presidential election was a weird one where national polls were way off, a lot of political rules of thumb were broken, and the idiocracy still won. Something bothered me. Exactly how dumb are the voters on the left? Audacious Epigone shows results and data that display a near parity intelligence outcome between parties and voters, with the unspoken in polite society knowledge that left wing whites may be smarter than right wing whites but the left wing's minority population drags it down (a separate post of his). There's something even worse. The left wins with the votes of the illiterate.

Basic literacy tests prior to voting could be rigged or gamed by the left, but if implemented, literacy tests would destroy the left's chances of ever winning. Sure functional illiteracy affects all groups, but some groups more than others, which isn't polite to discuss. There is a surrogate way to track this: we can pinpoint counties. All data is sourced, and the county election data is from Dave Leip's election site. You can even cross reference with the NY Times 2010 census maps with the race filter on for extra demographic fun. Romney was a swell fellow fit for another time (maybe as recent as 1996), and he was smart and competent (only Massachusetts pol to stand up to the "good" Bulger). He was a bad campaigner. Still, he was not too far from a win. He needed 65 more electoral votes to get to 271. Let's see how quickly we can get him there targeting swing and not so swing states, looking at functional illiteracy.

Swing - Toss Up States

Ohio - 18 electoral votes - Obama won Ohio by 166,272 votes. Obama won Cuyahoga County with 69% of the vote (Cuyahoga contains Cleveland) by 256,613 votes. In Cleveland, a whopping 69% of residents are functionally illiterate. That double 69% is just a coincidence.

Florida - 29 electoral votes - Obama won Florida by 74,309 votes. Obama won Miami-Dade county with 61.6% of the vote (Miami is in Miami-Dade Co) by 208,459 votes. Miami has a functional illiteracy rate of 52%.
Democrat Leaning States

Pennsylvania - 20 electoral votes - Obama won Pennsylvania by 309,840 votes. Obama won Philadelphia County with 85% of the vote (Philadelphia is in Philly Co) by 492,339 votes. Philadelphia had a functional illiteracy rate of 22% in 2003 (want to guess if it's higher or lower now?). UPDATE: Other source puts it at 34% in '98.

Michigan - 16 electoral votes - Obama won Michigan by 449,313 votes. Obama won Wayne County, which has Detroit, by 382,032 votes. Detroit has an adult functional illiteracy rate of 47%. We could add in Flint, Michigan, which has similar voting results and not quite as bad illiteracy rates to flip this state.

Wisconsin - 10 electoral votes - Obama won Wisconsin by 213,019 votes total. Obama won Milwaukee Co with 67% of the vote by roughly 167,500 votes. One in six Milwaukee residents are functionally illiterate. Not enough to swing the state, but as states move from safe to lean to toss up, money gets spent there. Big domino impact.

We could do this with almost every swing state in America using functional illiteracy figures and vote totals. This is all spitting into the wind because who doubts the Democrat party's ability to find a bag of votes in a trunk if needed. Victory is at the margins as in what marginal voter did you bring in. Illiterate voters, dead voters, or pre-filled fake ballots, it doesn't matter. Those elite eloi are so smart to be able to get the moronic morlocks to vote power to the eloi so they can help the morlocks. It'd be a shame if the morlocks numbers reach a critical mass for instability and rapid decline of the precious, enlightened society that the eloi manage on their behalf. Maybe the eloi will have their robot guardians by then? Maybe they will have such control as to create complete segregation, but because they control the media and academia, they will justify it? If not, well there will be trouble. Pay attention to those race distribution maps, and plug in some wealthy playground cities. Nice islands you got there Manhattan, San Francisco, South Beach.... it'd be a shame if anything were to happen to them.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the linkage. I looked up Illinois. Democrats usually carry Illinois by 500-650K votes. They win Cook County by 900K-1mil votes, and Cook Co has Chicago in it... and Chicago has a functional illiteracy rate of 37% (in 1998).


Joseph Moroco said...

I believe Bulger was out of office before Romney was elected. No one was afraid of him anymore.

Romney let the innocent Tooky Amirault rot in jail because he did not want to look soft on child abuse.

Son of Brock Landers said...

I should have said Romney forced him out at Umass. Thank you for reminding me.

Handle said...

Is there some single place to get various metropolitan areas' "percent of adults with functional literacy" results?

odinslounge said...

Well researched

Son of Brock Landers said...

Handle - I did see a website that had data from 2001 that showed pure illiteracy rate data, not functional illiteracy (and out of date due to immigration). I tried to go to specific county non-profit websites, thinking the do-gooder SWPL types would trump up the stats w/o noticing who is illiterate.

OL - Thanks. The concentric circle then is beyond functional illiteracy, how do the next step up vote, the easily fooled by the media? Democracy sucks.

peterike said...

The Leftist coalition is of course made up of the illiterate on the bottom. But it also includes the intelligent deluded at the top, the victims of a lifetime of Cultural Marxist conditioning, those people who really, really believe there are no differences among races or genders. They really, really believe it.

These same people have their heads stuffed full of Zinn-i-fied lies about history, PC nonsense in the guise of science, and an utter inability to think critically about the received wisdom they come across, which is pumped into their heads 24x7.

It is a spectacularly successful coalition, because it combines elite super wealth with upper middle class wealth and status seeking (this is the class that produces and guards the narrative), along with an ever growing army of idiot proles who twitch when their strings are pulled.

Face it, the Left has won: lock, stock and eventually outlawed barrel. Only a massive crisis and a descent into chaos could -- probably wouldn't, but could -- change things.

The Democrats will never again lose a Presidential election, until such time when we just stop having them.