Sunday, June 23, 2013

Any Immigration Bill is a Sham

The latest screw job of the middle and lower classes is coming with Congress looking to reform our immigration system. Any bill will be a scam that does not mirror the mid-'20s law. Passage will only hasten collapse of our nation. I really don't have any feelings about it except to stop it at any cost. Here's a link describing the last time the federal government passed an immigration law. This was passed right after California passed the "Save Our State" law that the courts declared unlawful (my post on it). The federal law was suppose to cut immigration from Mexico significantly. It didn't.

My immigration proposal:

The only immigration law that would work is to end all legal immigration until the U6 unemployment rate (not the headline U3) comes down to 5%, and offer a bounty system for citizens to turn in employers who have illegals working there and/or inform on illegal immigrants (illegal infiltrators as the Israelis call them). Employers would face hefty fines. The next part of the immigration law would include a government spending program to build a gigantic fence, like the Israelis did, along the Mexican border using unemployed college graduates under 30. They would not be paid, but their 'earnings' would go directly to paying down their student debt, which we taxpayers are on the hook for. This could be done, we just do not have the political will nor the blessing of the media.

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Clash1e said...

Very unfortunate. Even I'd be willing to work off the student loans I'll soon be acquiring to help build a fence. I enjoy building things. Fortunate for me loans won't be such a big problem b/c I'm getting a degree that actually translates to real money.