Thursday, June 06, 2013

An Attack on Le Pen Will Backfire

It seems like incredibly odd timing. Marine Le Pen is the leader of a far right, nationalist party in France, that horror of horrors is against importing Muslims into France. She believes in a France for the French. Go figure. Marine Le Pen suffered a horrible back injury and cannot move freely in mid-May. In that article, it specifically states that polls show Le Pen beating Hollande in an electoral match up if the election were held today. Surprise surprise, the French weenies asked in December of 2012 that immunity be lifted from Le Pen so that they could prosecute her for racists statements, which was just granted a week ago. Let me get this straight: a far right leader makes statements years ago that compare Muslims in France to Nazis and right as soon as polls show this leader is in position to beat the current Sociliast leader in an election (giving hope to all euro-nationalist parties), the euroweenies decide to pull some constitutional shenanigans to smear her a racist before an election. No coordination here. Let me caution the lefty euro-pansies for a moment. Europe may be different from America, but there is one thing that unites the west: victim culture. Le Pen could come out on top after this.

I am just an American but do not give any figure in the spotlight the chance to play victim. They will gain the upper hand or at the minimum improve their standing. This is how everything works in the west now. You play victim, get the vast middle to suddenly feel bad for you, then you get what you want. Don't believe me? Americans view the Tea Party more favorably now than in January, up 14% points. What changed? None of the Tea Party's views. The media didn't give them good coverage. The Tea Party was simply targeted by the IRS in an unfair method that displayed the bureaucracy in its disgusting reality. The Tea Party has been slagged on for years by the media and sported some dumbass candidates, but now their favorability rating moved from 30% to 44%. If the eurocrats (no one likes them) go after Le Pen for her reasonable statements, they better be prepared for her to receive victim status. It would be even worse for them if she were still wheelchair bound or on crutches when the eurocrats go after her.

Even if they succeed, they will only be giving her statements, which if you read them aren't bad just pointing out the obvious, more publicity. This will air her views without her paying for it. It would also be a case that the euroweenies couldn't win. If they go after her hard and score some paper win, she wins victimhood in the public realm. If they lose, she has a victory and suddenly, the freedom to state those things as France's economy falls apart under Hollande's watch. Throw in some Muslim riots and attacks in Europe this summer, and voila, things look rosy for her. Maybe the eurocrats should pay attention to the young French voters supporting Le Pen and marching against gay marriage. Nahh, forget it, go after her. Spotlight her! Attack her viciously!

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Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that their version of a legal system is both biased towards the prosecution, and not even vaguely open. This is Europe. People have been disappearing when inconvenient for generations. And the EU/French Nomenklatura are both desperate and ruthless.

Subotai Bahadur