Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Urgent Need for Legislation - Guns vs. Immigration

Roughly thirty kids were shot in Connecticut in December before Christmas. In the emotional time that is the holidays, there was a massive, nationwide call for gun control legislation by the left, the media and countless foot soldiers on social media websites. The bastards who organize the Super Bowl even carted the school's choir out to take part in the opening ceremonies. Demand a plan. Gun control now. The entire wing of the propaganda arm of the system was doing its best to generate a demand for gun control that appeared organic. Every headline could be summarized as fill in the blank slogan with urgent connotations. Our weakling president led the charge.

Since April, 3rd world immigrants have bombed the most prestigious marathon in America killing a few and injuring hundreds, 3rd world Muslim immigrants were convicted in a child prostitution, abuse and grooming ring, 3rd world immigrants have rioted for a week in Sweden, a 3rd world immigrant + a British born 1st generation immigrant beheaded a British soldier in broad daylight. The initial media reaction is that the West doesn't do enough to assimilate immigrants, with a couple others saying that questions about immigration must be asked. Where is the broad, media wide request to end all 3rd world immigration or, at the very least, curtail it to 10% of what it has been? No slogans? The president, senators, aspiring governors... wait, no prominent politicians are seizing on this.

Two dozen kids gunned down by psycho who should've been locked up in an asylum creates an urgent need to restrict the gun rights for 310,000,000 people. Organized violence and riots in the name of Islam against the West while enjoying the material comfort and much better living conditions compared to shithole home countries doesn't spark the same call to restrict immigration. Thank you weakling politicians for proving once again how useless you all are. Thank you media. I was nearly doubting where you stood on the enemies of the West list.

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