Tuesday, May 07, 2013

The OSU Graduation and Obama's Speech

The Ohio State University had their graduation Sunday. They had Obama as their speaker. It was a rather flat speech. He had some screw ups early, but it looked like the teleprompter was delayed and he had to ad lib. Not good. His speech was standard Obama with cliche after cliche. "We need more affordable college" - OK, so ask the universities to drop tuition. Oh wait, you meant lower interest rates for easier debt slavery. The focus was on citizenship, which involves participation and perseverance. There were outright lies, and he even managed to point out some problems that should be addressed. Maybe he needs a position of power to fix them. Why aren't reckless Wall St. bankers in jail? Shucks, it's too bad you aren't in charge of the DOJ. He didnt want to make partisan remarks, but then did. He had some applause lines that failed to get applause. I think the speech did not get more applause because we know how messed up things are and the cliches are weak. These leaders, on both sides, are just going through the motions. He finished his speech by putting an OSU hat on and looking around like "Hey do I have a hat on that represents something you value". Douche.

The interesting bit was hearing OSU's President, Mr. Gee, state the line that got the biggest applause, "Never let a bigoted remark stand". He said it twice. Huge applause. Never let anyone have the freedom to think on their own and say how they feel if it does not conform to your views on people at the time. Never! The fools ate it up. Another good way to generate applause is to end a sentence with a thrown in mention of gays. The entire ceremony was a mass for progressives.

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Moose said...

My favorite part was how he tried to tap into some form of patriotism as though he's in touch with that kind of stuff. It was definitely a stretch for him, never mind the fact that the way he said was so vague he doesn't realize these concepts work both ways and he could easily be talking about himself.