Thursday, May 16, 2013

Progressive Undermining of the 1st Amendment

The federal government is pushing rules and regulations to restrict speech on college campuses across America. Outrage! The first amendment goddammit! Stop even thinking a lefty is going to support you. They will mention harmful, hurtful speech or cite hate speech and other PC bullcrap. This is why I believe the anti-bullying campaign is really just groundwork to prepare that generation to welcome anti-free speech laws as adults. If you show stiff resistance or if you are dealing with an especially educated progressive, they will say, "the first amendment reads: Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech. Congress. This is not Congress. These are merely rules and regulations by the department of justice and education. Why are you so angry little commoner?" Humpty Dumpty strikes again! I do not see that standing in court, but when progressives are on the court, legal realism and the hunger for the win takes over. Progressives become strict constructionists when it suits them, and destroying freedom of speech, therefore thought, is near the top of their to do list.
This is just another example of who really runs the show. Thomas James Ball, the self immolator from New Hampshire, was so right when he referred to the 'two books' where the tools of the government operate one way per their books while we all believe they are suppose to operate per the constitution and laws passed in the legislature, the true books. You can replace the entire Congress and the executive in charge, and the chuckleheads that staff that regulatory and bureaucratic leviathan based in DC will bend public life to their whims. It is the unspoken, invisible tyranny as Congressman Utt said in 1960. Tar and feathers is too good for them, so let's regulate thick enough rope (civil service ees are fatties). Hopefully, a legal challenge will be made of these rules and some on the left will join forces with protestors of this to wreck it. I don't expect them to. They only care about the win.

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