Friday, May 31, 2013

No More Underage Lust Songs

While on twitter this week, I noted that beta male rock had transitioned over time. In the '70s, there was a cornucopia of soft rock (Gen X/Millenial kids call it "mom rock") classics that were men basically singing, "Look, girl, you are not going to be a slut if you have premarital sex with me, I won't tell, I really love you, so let's get down". Bread, Dan Fogelberg, Seals + Croft and Dr. Hook had tons of light FM classics that revolved around a softer approach to getting laid. It was not the hard '70s, "bang me I'm a rock God" music. It is far superior to today's beta male soft rock that is about supplicating to women and glorifying their every behavior no matter how crazy and awful. Tal Bachman' "She's so High" and Ed McCain's "I'll Be" are the tops of the list for puss rock. While looking up '70s songs, I noticed something: there were tons of songs about guys lusting after women under 18. You never see that anymore. They are gone, and couldn't be made now. Our matrist society will not allow such an expression of male sexuality while promoting unrestrained female sexual desires.

A quick search revealed a page chock full of songs with underage lust. I noticed that the most recent one was Billy Idol's "Rock the Cradle of Love", which was released in 1990. There are huge bands with under 18 lust songs like Zeppelin, the Cars, Nugent, Alice Cooper, Chuck Berry, etc. Those songs did fit in with the more patrist society that America was before 1980. Check the matrist link. A patrist society has a restrictive attitude towards sex, limits freedom of women, chastity valued, inhibition, and fear of pleasure are big trends. All of the teen love songs are men trying to get young women to be wild. Women may have the adult look but are restricted from play. They are trying to break them of their chaste ways, and they are sometimes men abstaining from spoiling them due to their age. People could hear the song and understand the situation. Some might sympathize and others might say "horny men can't wait". The songs fit the times and society.

They couldn't be made today. Today they'd be chased off the radio by women's groups. The media would howl at them. Polite society would agree, and the matrist trends would explain why. Women have freedom, power, pleasure is welcome, exhibition rules, and there is a fear of incest. Many of the older man-underage woman songs have a little pervy molester vibe to them, which underneath skirts around incest. The obstacles of the '70s songs no longer exist, so no one would sympathize but more would think 'perv'. The songs now are Rihanna asking for more S&M, Katy Perry kissing girls and liking it, Lady Gaga being whatever, and unrestrained freedom for gals' sexual tastes. We're living in bizarre world from just a couple decades ago. What was formerly common enough to spawn tons of songs is called creepy or weird now, while what was creepy and weird is now played over the speakers at your gym. It's nice that the music manages to keep up with us.

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