Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Movie Review: Dreams of a Life

I've been home sick for two days due to food poisoning and running through my instaque on Netflix.

Remember that story about the British woman who was dead in her apartment for 3 years and no one noticed, called or followed up about her? Yeah, Dreams of a Life is the documentary centered on her. It is not a pure documentary as they have re-enactments throughout the film, and it is quite annoying to see those segments. This woman is interesting, but because her sisters did not participate, there is a huge hole in the story. She had some obvious problems, and a good dose of talk therapy to sort through her feelings of abandonment from her mom dying when she was young and her dad being a loser would have done her good. Plenty of game, modern family rot, atomization of society and stupidity here to MST3K with friends if you want. It's interesting. I would not extrapolate too much from this woman's story as applicable to the modern urban life as lot of weird shit that is hard to duplicate happened (see below). People say she was smart, but she wasn't really, she just had great manners and was glib. She seemed a bit of a sociopath, too. She had doors open for her because of her beauty. The major impression I got from her was that she was an empty vessel who latched onto whomever and made them a part of her. She reflected her surroundings and her acquaintances. Her empty life caught up with her in the end.

I'd recommend it if you have nothing else to watch and want to watch something and laugh at the stupidity of people claiming to be friends with someone but never contacting that friend for over 3 years. She had a long descent but no one cared to notice. She didn't go to her dad's funeral, but that wasn't considered weird. Hmm, something is missing. The sisters not participating really hurt this doc. Something else in that family was probably going on that they didn't bring up. Listing this stuff out, this might just be another messed up biracial kid story, so maybe we can extrapolate from it with 2% of the US biracial now. You can play Dr. Phil with friends while watching this one. Here's my question: who were the wrapped Christmas gifts for?

Weird Shit Hurricane:
Odd Biracial Pairing - Indian (Asian) mom and West Indies dad
Etiquette training
Mom died when she was young
Dad was a blue collar 45 year old douche who tried hanging with 20 year olds
Sisters raised her then one by one abandoned her
She had medical problems
She sprouted up into a fine looking woman with great breasts who resembled Sade
She drank a ton but stayed attractive into her 30s

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