Sunday, May 19, 2013

Koch Hit Piece in the NY Times

Just because the global warming hysteria scam is running into problems (like not happening as science forecasted) does not mean that the media will not use it to scare the common folk. After years of propaganda, the scare quotes and familiar lines will work on many people who do not read the articles showing global warming to be a scam (when they see daylight). The NY Times managed to publish a nice hit piece on the Koch brothers that knocks on multiple favorite targets of theirs. There is a mountain of waste rising over Detroit screams the headline. If one reads the article, one can see the stream of garbage that the article is.

This is wonderful propaganda work by the NY Times. The article's headline is scary enough to help make it the third most emailed article of the day, and the bits of information speak to those progressive readers who hate oil, the Koch brothers and lament the death of Detroit (without looking at the causes). The article discusses a city block sized, three story high pile of petroleum coke along the Detroit river. Why is this a story? Because this pile of oil refinery byproduct is the result of evil oilmen from the dirty tar sands of Canada, pulled closer to America like more Canadian oil will be if we get the Keystone pipeline built, destroying the once beautiful city of Detroit, and it is owned by those Koch brother bastards. That would give any progressive a hate boner. There are little quotes about Detroit state reps sadly considering Detroit a dumping ground, boohoo.

This doesn't need to be investigated as one Canadian MP wants. The EPA is making sure we can't burn that coke for energy because it releases carbon, but dirty countries like China, India and Mexico will use it. That is the rub though, this isn't waste. It is a byproduct from the refining process that the Koch brothers have found a buyer for, proving that the pile coke is temporarily there. It is just sitting, waiting to be transported for final use. Despite having a use, the NY Times brings in an expert to say it can't be sued for specific things, when Koch never has to care for what the byproduct is being used for, just that they have a buyer. That expert is used to paint the propaganda image that this mountain of waste has no use and is destroying the good people of Detroit.

In this article, we see all the horribleness that is progressivism on display. We have media propaganda, government regulatory strangleholds on using natural resources + byproducts, the need for scoring political points, lies about environmental problems and an exaggeration of a pile of dirt waiting for shipping. To create that pile, Koch Carbon already had to meet all current regulations. They had to comply with everything set up to operate. This is pure propaganda to get public opinion against even these legal operations because they do not comply with the desire for reducing carbon emissions. Canadian oil sands, Koch, carbon emissions, and corporations maliciously using Detroit. That is all the Times wanted to remind readers of with this. Facts don't matter, only the feeling.

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Phoenix said...

Just goes to show that much of modern "science" is just the manufacture of studies to fit the prevailing narrative. I think you would enjoy reading the book "Surely you're joking Mr. Feynman!" if you haven't already. In one part he mentions a time where he attended a social science conference and had to sit through hours of empty speeches. When he called them out for their inability to understand what science is, they were horrified and he wasn't invited back. And that was some years ago.