Friday, May 24, 2013

Global Warming Fits the Liberalism Death Cult

Global warming has taken a back seat for a few years as the sense of urgency is gone from the foot soldiers since their boy is in the oval office. It can sit on the back burner and be brought out only when a hot streak strikes a city or a hurricane hits. It's taken a few hits from reality messing up its precious models, but it lingers. It lingers not only from Wall Street knowing a new bubble and scam when they see it, but from its snug fit into the liberalism death cult. By laying blame for the wold's ills at the feet of an involuntary human action, global warming fits into the death cult that is modern liberalism.
Auster had an entry on liberalism destroying enough of value in society so that the only things left an individual could choose would be sex an death. Auster was constantly hitting at abortion as the sacrifice of children to liberalism. Global warming is a perfect fit for liberalism as it blames the entire structure of the economy (an enemy of the left), oil + coal (dirty white men jobs), and an odorless, colorless gas that humans involuntarily emit with every breath for environmental problems. Every human is spewing pollutants (a false twisting of the word). You can't control the damage and pain you inflict on the environment (in their eyes), therefore you must sacrifice yourself for the almighty Gaia. If you will not reduce, reuse and recycle, then you should not procreate. Sacrifice your descendants for the community. Why wait for future generations, when you, environmental criminal, can choose to not have a future yourself?
A quick Google search for sterilization and global warming will pull up articles. You might hear SWPLs say they won't have kids for the environment. It's another self annihilation move by the left. Like the progressive steamroller searching for a new, small minority to fight for now that gay marriage looks to be done, the left did this with the environment after the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts chased enough businesses away from America. Environmentalism was a bipartisan issue in its infancy, and after complete victory, they needed a new fuel for the machinery. Their victory was so complete that they grasped a flimsy scientific issue involving a natural compound. Global warming? Didn't we just escape a coming ice age? CO2 a pollutant? It is a gas that fuels plant growth. They have progressed to a scary apocalyptic future if we don't change our ways (is this the Book of Revelation?), but gosh, we all release CO2 when we breathe. Earth is dying, and it's all your fault for merely existing! Sacrifice to Gaia for the voluntary sins of the creators of industrial society in the past and for your sins as an involuntary participant. Sounds like white privilege and institutional racism in different packaging. Sacrifice!

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PRCD said...

When liberals bring this up with me, the first thing I suggest to stop emitting CO2 is suicide. Seriously - suicide is the best way to stop consuming natural resources.

That usually ends the conversation.