Monday, May 20, 2013

Evil Police Idea

Are the police evil and bloodthirsty hounds? Not all, but damn if the Internet doesn't provide us with daily stories across the nation of cops who go overboard. I'm of the mindset that police thuggery and moronic behavior is positively correlated with the size of a municipality. Sure, the yokels in West Virginia might not be bright, but they have much smaller police force to hide idiots or psychopaths. Bigger munis offer hidey holes to slot dicey men. I love talking to cops as it's proof that civilization is an inch deep with a mile of savagery underneath. While naturally distrusting authority, it doesn't seem like widespread corruption is a problem; mostly an accountability problem followed by a pension/medical care problem. Maybe Americans have been lulled into a sense of security with the police. Sure there is the "Eff Da Police" mentality out there (as evident in the Dorner manhunt), but as soon as trouble comes their way, people scream for the cops. Could someone with some serious balls, long term thinking and power set something up like Magnum Force? Could that person use it for an interesting purpose? I just want to do a thought experiment.

If you're a governor or mayor in an area with steady crime, but not large gangs and maybe you have some political problems, it might not be far fetched to use the police for your goals. Kill two birds with one stone. This is not like the police captain in LA Confidential. This is not replacing a mobster by scaring off gangs and becoming the remaining kingpin. Instead, frame gangbangers for the deaths of officials, appointed, elected or standard government cronies you want gone. If only concerned with crime, you could use gangbangers to kill other rival gangbangers. Maybe your target is a judge that is light on crime, which would play towards a cop's feelings. Maybe it is a rising gang that is good at enforcing the no snitch code. An official would have to groom officers from the academy up. Might be good to take advantage of good scoring cadets and their attitudes towards, maybe I don't know, the greased track for affirmative action hires. Get a feel for them, stroke their egos, make them feel special, reward and track them. Mention special projects or an opportunity to clean out the small gang problem of your area before it gets big. If you have them on your side, then launch a nice little campaign. Make sure you have some cash though, it's important for step one.

  1. Set up a gun buy back program. These programs are great press for cleaning up the streets. These usually involve community outreach to pastors and other hustlers who represent 'da streetz'. It's interesting how many pastors can get gang members to come forward to turn in a gun or two for cash. This will give you the lowdown on gangs, loosely affiliated ne'er-do-wells, and clean people. The primary, public focus is on getting guns off the streets. This is where you'd have to have 'Magnum Force' involved with some intake. They would have to receive, track and pay with your non-program cash for some of the guns off gang members or the loosely affiliated grey folks. Guy brings in 3 guns, pay him for 3, but record only 2 and track what payments are from the city's funds vs. your funds. For less than a weekend in Vegas, this should get you multiple guns for your crimes, but also multiple patsies.
  2. You now have the guns of known gang members or loosely affiliated gangsters. Check their arrest records. You now know their history, who they are linked to, and even better, they might have turned in guns now, but they are always one foot on the other side of the line. You assign some of 'Magnum Force' guys to track some gang members. If solo, they are easy patsies. If they are together, even better, as their alibis would all be each other. The important part is, you, and your crew, know where they are at a set time.
  3. Using the bought back guns that you did not document and paid for with your money, assassinate other gang members. If truly targeting political figures, murder them and fake a robbery. With cops performing the murder, they will know how to stage a robbery having seen police files for robberies. "A robbery gone bad" is how the press would classify it. The issue would either be leaving behind evidence to lead you back to the patsy gangbangers or to plant the guns back at their place. Now just follow the evidence and tips from 'da streetz' back to the gangbangers who handed over their guns to you. Political enemy eliminated with a gangbanger in jail for murder. If choosing the anti-gang route, you kill opposing gang members with the turned in weapons.
  4. Feed media with message of underground gang war, if assassination route, the media will love to report on criminals caught killing the good members of our government.

It'd be interesting if this hasn't already been done. This combines the idea of Magnum Force with the conspiracy of the Pelican Brief (little of the Wire's final season, too). The crew from The Shield wasn't necessarily like this as they were more like the LA Confidential crew. Plenty of officials leave a documented trail of betrayals and horrible decisions, which could anger any politician on the opposing side or same side different donor source. Supreme Court Justice Breyer has been robbed multiple times; missed opportunity there for Dick Cheney. Back to this idea. Even stripped down, you could use a gun buy back program to crack down or shake up gangs that are growing into a problem. I'm not saying that this & this are related to this, but hey, anything is possible with Boston's politicians... and Boston CSIs talk a lot when drunk. If there was a gang that the police were having a hard time cracking, it might be smart to offer a gun buy back program for gangbangers who earn less than minimum wage but won't snitch. This is all just a thought experiment but not really an original idea, since Magnum Force was a movie made 40 years ago. I can't be the first to have thought of it.

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