Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Delusions of American Women: Egg Freezing is Smart

"Wait, your fluff Glamour mentioned freezing eggs to its readers to have kids? I just read about that in the Wall Street Journal... >Google search< Oh we have a coordinated media propaganda message here, honey!"

It looks like the Spring thaw is generating a new message to the women of the West, especially in the USA and UK: freeze your eggs so you can have lots of fun and still have a healthy kid at 45! In a roughly sixty day period, Glamour, CNN, the WSJ, Slate, the Daily Mail, the WSJ again, NPR, ABC, Redbook, and the Daily Mail again all praised its virtues. Some articles are about the ethics, some are about why women should do it, and of course, some articles are testimonials of women who did it (haven't had a kid yet) and think you should do it, too! This is another propaganda message to soothe women's minds who have not had a kid at 30 and might start thinking of finding a man and having a family instead of working as a battery in the system.

Many of the articles above don't cite each other. They merely discuss the latest trend. It is a huge fad that "everybody" is doing (per Glamour). Everybody means that at one NY hospital a little over 1000 women have done it, which is microscopic in the grand scheme of NY's metro population. The media is pulling out all of the guns for this. They mention Sofia Vergara doing it (already has grown kid), they mention how it is expensive but you can borrow to pay for it, and they cite Kim Kardasian (already pregnant) at every turn as a celeb doing it. See even dumbo butt sluts like Kimmy K are doing it, so you should, too! In the articles, the writers mention how even young women should do it. It's never too early to screw looking for a husband and concentrating on family formation instead of your career. Focus girls.

Besides the iffy frozen egg to live baby odds, the economics of this are pretty bad. A woman pays roughly 10K and then $500 a year for storage. Round this to 15K for a 10 years period (on top of student loans). The average woman makes 37K a year. Focusing on her career might get her 5% raises instead of 2% raises, so she nets an extra 3% a year (1K). After taxes, that is under $700/year, so how is the egg freezing a winning choice instead of having the kid now or finding the husband now and having the kid sooner? Who the hell wants a 5 year old at 50? Who wants a teenager at 60 and college bills at 65? Hold on, doesn't breast cancer incidence skyrocket after 50 and 60? Does anyone think these things through in these articles?

No. It's all about work and play today. Kids can wait. This frozen little egg is like a dollar tucked away for retirement. It is a rainy day fund if 43 rolls around, and you're lonely. No worries sweetie. I hope no one googles articles from 2012 about freezing eggs. In ten years use in the United Kingdom, it has produced just 12 babies. There have been 1200 worldwide in the history of egg freezing. I smell a scam. These medical professionals must have paid good money to get so much press in such a short period of time. Keep working hard Millenial, that kid will be there for you at 45 so you won't be sad and lonely at 55 crying to an Apple made iHusband and iChild. Maybe it is mean to call this a delusion of American women. This feels more like a month long tsunami of progressive programming.

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vultureofcritique said...

Someone once said that civilizations don't get murdered, they commit suicide.

I believe the white race started shooting itself in the head in 1914, and the first bullet didn't finish it off, so it has kept on shooting for the last 99 years.

If white women refuse to breed, the rest of the human species will not fail to seize the opportunity.

And white women, especially educated white women, have been refusing to breed for decades.