Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Dad, What's a Stone Butch?

A stone butch is a lesbian who pretends to be what they envision a man to be and prefers to touch their female partner but never ever be touched in return. The wikipedia definition has some good college professor style lies in it (full body orgasm and mental rush). Another gender studies and human sexuality lie is to say stone butches act that way to rail against the patriarchy. Out of supreme malice, the patriarchy does not want women to get off by having their genitalia touched in any way. I like the insanity of this blurb on being stone butch. Luckily for them, there are pillow princess lesbians (or bi-curious women) who only want to receive. Pillow princess types tend to be more feminine in appearance, go figure. The major difference I've observed between gay men and lesbians is that gay men are about banging the hottest men as often as possible while lesbians feel the need to craft a niche and inject emotional, mental or political reasoning into why they fall in love with people of the same gender. The more I learn of the different types and subcultures, the more I understand why being gay was considered a mental disorder until the '80s. I'm not saying it is, just saying I understand.

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