Thursday, May 30, 2013

Cincinnati Police Tale

While away from the home base, I managed to have a nice talk with a Cincy cop. We joked about Detroit and Chicago making every other Midwest city look great. It was interesting to hear how the selection for new cops has been much more picky (1% recently), but as he put it, somehow a few dim sons/nephews of cops, women and blacks get in despite the need for a near 100% score on the entrance exam. He spoke of a white friend who scored in the 90s being rejected. The system rolls on. It was like talking to the Second City Cop but from Cincy. What freaked me out a bit was when he went on a long monologue about their murder count being higher than Indianapolis, and Indy having a better downtown. He explained murders were rock bottom when he started but rose sharply to its current rate and will never drop again because of the 2001 Cincinnati riots.

I'm paraphrasing but here's the recap:

"Before 2001, we'd patrol over the rhine and far worse hoods closely and harass corner boys. We'd work them a bit and get info on different groups to prevent shit from escalating. Guy starts getting hot, we arrest him for an outstanding warrant or a quick n dirty charge. Yank him off the streets for a while. No one dies. The mutherfuckers went apeshit in 2001 for a piece of shit with a sob story that got blown up by testimony of a crackhead. >LONG MONOLOGUE ON THE SHOOTING + RIOTS< We decided we'd stop the escalation prevention. No more grabbing thugs for small shit. Thugs started knocking each other off more often. Blacks cried + begged for us to return. Nope. They got all happy when they got a chief that was one of theirs, and we got extra f-ing procedures to protect and serve animals but it's stopping nothing but low level shit. They can kill each other all they want."

Afterwards, we had a fun race realism talk, and a polite friend seated next to me had an awkward look on his face most of the chat. I looked at Cincinnati's numbers on city-data. Everything is up, but murder is the real outlier for how high it jumped, especially in light of advances in medical treatment. It is fun to read in order: socialist pure propaganda crap about the Cincy cops, a sanitized 10 year riot look back USA Today cathedral article, and then something that sounds far closer to the truth about the riots as it is a playbook duplicated all over America whenever the black community gets angry. Note that the family of the victim got $7.5 mil from the city. If our current, awful system continues, it is easy to see Cincy becoming even worse as resources feel the budget pinch and officers get stretched thinner and become more PC bound. Cops are on the front lines for when the easy money dries up, and our tenuous hold on cities slackens.

There is an alternative, but does Cincinnati have the beautiful architecture to lure the SWPLs in? As of 2012, it sounds like it. Condos selling for over $300,000 marks an area that is SWPL and retired, white Boomer catnip. The NY Times census maps confirms that the area, using Liberty Street as a centerpoint, has seen an influx of whites since 2000. Cincinnati cops might have it easier in the future. I doubt it as the crime figures are the same between 2008-2012, but maybe that neighborhood is just better. Keep sandblasting those brick buildings and refurbishing the old single family homes! There is something weird that none of the modern articles mention. Where did the former residents go? Perhaps that will be in the follow up "Cincy's rebounding!" article, or maybe the police blotter will tell that tale.


PRCD said...

lol. I love realtalking with cops. I once talked to one on SFPD about how we just needed to put all the bums that infest the city on a barge, let it go out with the tide, and then sink it.

FWG said...

I lived in the Cincinnati area before and then returned after the riots and am still here (hopefully for not much longer). It has a different feel to it. The cop knows what he's talking about.

There is some great Italianate architecture in Over-The-Rhine, but the area is pretty bad.