Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Adult Mean Girls, Thin Ballerinas

The West continues to get fatter, but there is one holdout. Ballet dancers keep sticking to the stick thin look. One artistic director wants to change that in England. The article itself has a lying headline saying that audiences have complained about the thin dancers, but nowhere in the article does it cite audiences actually doing that. It is this director. Ballerinas were not always sticks, but it started decades ago and has held firm. This article has some gems in it, but doesn't dig into the source of the problem: gay choreographers + directors and the female dancers themselves.

There is mention of the fashion world affecting the ballet world, and the exact quote lays some blame on gay men:

‘It is the dance industry itself which wants what I call ‘ripped’ bodies - a look which is very thin but with visibly defined muscles.’ Brown added that ‘it is often gay choreographers who like this very thin and androgynous look’.

Now what is going on there for gay men to be taking the idea of the ballerina, the graceful beautiful representation of the eternally young female, and seeking to transform it into an androgynous sprite all bones with some muscle, lacking feminine touches? Similar to the fashion industry, might it be gay men who want to envision young teenage boys performing as the center of attention with a masculine dance partner spinning them around and throwing them in the air? The article drops that line of thought, but it is critical as choreographers and directors make decisions on who is chorus vs. leads. If their view of attractive, desirable nymph is different, it is not surprising that the physical end result will look boyish.

The other details reveal women who drink shampoo to make themselves sick. An unwritten code on not discussing it, and a study saying 83% of dancers had an eating disorder. Even I know the official bunhead diet is coffee and cigarettes. This is an art, but this is also a competition. This is a competition between women who have dedicated their lives and sacrificed friends and eating like a regular person to make it for a limited window. A ballerina is like a pro athlete. Professional athletes use PEDs. Ballerinas are going to as well. Professional athletes can shame teammates into complying with written and unwritten rules. Ballet dancers are going to do the same. The competition and the female frenemy issue is not going to let the eating issue change. In their mind there is always someone thinner to take their place.

This is a classic example of our modern media mentioning an issue but because of the PC ideology not going into depth into what makes it work. So many liberals believe in nurture and environments shaping behaviors yet here is an example of a culture being shaped that is not genetic and has outside influences that can be changed easily. The media doesn't want to fault gay men who select boyish looking ballerinas, therefore driving all ballerinas to look thinner and less feminine. The media doesn't want to admit that while these evil male directors foster it, the women are keeping the unwritten rules and codes in place. If they all agreed to change, it would change and directors wouldn't be able to stop them. They don't. There are only so many spots. There is only so many years. There is only so much applause.

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