Monday, April 01, 2013

Wall Street Loves Global Warming Hysteria

How pathetic is our media? A former sports, drugs and Russian sex writer now at Rolling Stone has made a name for himself by attacking Goldman Sachs. He named them the vampire squid, which is just a modern, vampirized play on the old tentacle squid of banks controlling the nation from the old media days of yore. He gets really close sometimes to uncovering the linkage in the cathedral. Part of it is his blindness to the big banks capture of the Democrats, some of it is his blatant attempts to shoehorn in the GOP whenever he can, and some of it is stupidity. In his bubble article, he mentions the change at Goldman Sachs when Robert Rubin joined the Clinton administration, but never seeks to know why (C'mon Matt). He finishes the article with Goldman's desire to push carbon trading (cap and trade) as the biggest bubble of them all. Carbon damage is an arbitrary value assigned by academics Goldman can fund through foundations. Goldman would support cap-n-trade because it is the ultimate bullshit investment and trading vehicle.

Taibbi never wonders if the controlling cabal of bankers is linked to the environmentalist ground troops who use talking points broadcasted by the media with research from academics (who brainwash students) who get funding from the USG, foundations (example), and private corporations, who in turn are wishing to get payouts (like Goldman). It is a giant feedback loop. There are some true believers in the environmental movement, but they are useful pawns for these companies and their government accomplices. The interest plants the seed ideas, waters it with money, watches it grow through the messaging organs, and harvests the fruit from the government regulation and programs. Taibbi comes close. He even mentions how they can rig the trading game for carbon. He fails to take the next step. Who declares what is the negative cost of how much carbon? An academic. Who spreads the message? Schools and mass media. Who has been pushing policies to enact global warming regulation? Democrats. Who do the academics, media and politicians cater to because they rely on them for funding? Bingo. That is your prime mover. This is money centric, but we live in the world of the almighty dollar.

Goldman has been making money on the knowledge economy and how to use that knowledge for decades now. We have progressed beyond an industrial economy to a technology economy where information is used to modify, consult and amplify real productive business. How and when you get information is key. Just look at Goldman's front-running trading or entire quarters without a negative trading day. Goldman has been a master of it. "Goldman can show you how outsourcing helps a business through these studies that will make you more efficient. Goldman can boost your IPO even better than other I-banks. Goldman knows what government regulation will happen, whoops, sorry." Carbon trading is the ultimate ephemeral ruse that would impress the "Emperor Has New Clothes" weavers. Goldman is aligned with that academic-media complex. They recruit from the schools that push the global warming scam the strongest. They fund the research. They own the people who will tell you what carbon is 'worth', which they then can trade and consult on exchanges and investment vehicles. They fight for that legislation. Global warming has taken a hit recently. The science isn't there and researchers are cited for ethical problems. Goldman will keep fighting for it; they want that money. Government is no longer about good policy. Government is how can you win an election to loot as much of the public treasury as you can in two year spans. Global Warming is just another scare tactic to get you to hand over some sovereignty, and definitely some money, to the big boys in charge who will make everything right for Mother Gaia.

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odinslounge said...

Like all great modern ideas it's A) fake and B) inept.

In Germany they can't even sell their "carbon credits" cause nobody has a use for them.

No reason why we shouldn't just double down on it right?