Saturday, April 06, 2013

Those Cookie Cutter SWPLs

True SWPLs are so cliché that they can read the website that began the mocking of their kind and laugh at how perfectly it describes them. They cannot deny how cookie cutter they are. Even as they fight to be individuals and unique, they fall deeper into the SWPL abyss. The very search for a unique image within accepted guidelines only reinforces their conformity. They seem so fake, and act like little dilettantes with everything they dabble in. The problem is that being a SWPL is a lifestyle selection, not an organic status.

SWPLs are not born, they are made. A SWPL is attempting to project the highest level of status for modern Americans. SWPLs are a late Gen-X, Gen-Y phenomenon. Being white is being part of the majority and the power group. Even more important, it's the desired romantic partner group, just ask OKCupid. SWPLs do not come about to SWPLdom organically but through a series of choices and research. They pick their lifestyle. They want to be seen as open-minded, liberal, well-read, enlightened and not those types of whites (NASCAR whites). They have to learn certain words and phrases. They used to say establishment, but as the ascendant taste maker group, they are the establishment so they say 'privilege'. By not being an organic setting, they are in effect buying into a subculture that is already packaged and marketed to them. They may think they are creative and unique, but they are just following the built in norms for their distinct group.

"Oh my god, you must try my hand made mustard, hold on, let me adjust my horn rimmed glasses, did I tell you about our hike up Machu Picchu? We ate with the natives, we slept with the natives" - same SWPL story, rinse, lather, repeat.

They can never be unique in their way. It must conform to the group. They can not have independent thoughts as a heresy may result in excommunication. They also can't push the edge too much with the self modifications or clothes or they risk drifting into the weird, alternative white realm that is prole and uneducated. They are internally denying a part of themselves. They are restricting their individual freedom for acceptance in the group. There is a trade off. They have denied their lives real individualism or true expression for the benefits of being a SWPL. They have traded freedom in for the status marker of being one of those good whites. This involves rigorous research into staying on top of what is correct, orthodox and cool. Their cultural critiques carry weight for the common masses. These couples have become the new organization man and organization wife. What they deem cool is cool. What they deem appropriate and right is, until a new righter thing is found by them, right.

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