Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Snap Bombing Guess

Now that all my family and friends in Boston are accounted for, and my one friend who ran the marathon has told his tale (hotel evacuation), I'll just blog this guess to have it in black and white. This event gave my friends and family with no lives an excuse to tell you what terribly lame thing they did that day instead of running or going to the marathon. Here goes:

1. Bombs detonated with ball bearings
2. Not all bombs went off or did they because the media has lied about there being other bombs.
3. Bombs were placed in an area with copious amounts of security cameras.
Bomber is semi-competent because they pulled it off, but not super competent like the highly destructive Brevik or McVeigh. This feels more like the London bombings. My guess is Muslim terrorist but not a direct operative of Al Qaeda. Al Qaeda now is a brand or channel for Muslim men to express their frustration with the world and strike out against the 'other'. I am 100% certain no politician will propose ending all visas to Muslims or sending non-citizen Muslims back home. This will be another price we pay for the joy that is diversity. I'll give this 'favorite' odds at 2-1.

My second idea is a Joker style, 'watch the world burn' white male under 35. I'll set that at 5-1. I won't hold my breath waiting for the media to evaluate the current state of young males in America with penetrating analysis of the state of the family, men, the economy, fatties, etc.

I almost forgot, ricin letters to Senators and the president are an odd wrinkle. I hope they do catch that crew as it seems like a terror act of opportunity like the Anthrax guy in 2001, but could be part of something bigger.

Thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. That is all any of us can do.

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Anonymous said...

The supposed ricin mailer [no bets on the competence of the Federales] has been arrested. Yes, he is white. But sadly for Salon magazine, he is an active Democrat, with a long history of harassment and nuisance arrests. There are reports that he is or has been an Elvis impersonator. They are going to have a hard time painting him as a TEA Party member