Monday, April 29, 2013

Rejected Beta Origins of Bill Clinton's Adultery

Bill Clinton was such a Boomer. He oozed charismatic, sleaze-ball Boomer who would get busted for sleeping with one of his daughter's friends. There's that great Gerald Ford quote that was released after his death where he criticized Bill Clinton for being sick and a sex addict who couldn't keep it together for 8 years in the White House. Ford couldn't understand Boomer Clinton. This was a total generation gap moment as well as the problem of one D-1 jock who succeeded in life being married to a former model and dancer (who had great legs for decades + said she and Gerald had sex 'as often as possible') commenting on a fat, nerd from a shitty family who blossomed later and was married to a possibly lesbian woman that looked the other way throughout every affair. Ford couldn't comprehend it because Clinton himself was a product of the social dysfunction we see much more often today. Why was Clinton such a sex hound who used his positions of power in government to nail a lot of women? Simple. Look at his family, his childhood, and the fact that he was a late bloomer who rose to higher levels of status and power as he aged.
Clinton was born of a skank mom of ill reputation. He's got the DNA of the loose moral way in him. He goes through some tough stuff with his blended family, and I'm willing to bet in Arkansas the other kids may have used salty language about her. Bill himself also was a very intelligent guy, not athletic and he played in the band. One of his admissions to his cabinet at a retreat was how the school kids often picked on him for being fat. In Arkansas, which I hear is a state that values athletic prowess and maybe not so much smarts, there was a fat, unathletic, genius who played tenor sax in the band and had an easy mom raising her blended family in a poor neighborhood. Like he wasn't rejected often and with glee. I'm betting butterball Clinton dreamed up his revenge fantasies on those SOBs. If you ever see a nerdy kid walking alone on a playground with a look on concentration, they are plotting their future to show those unaccepting bastards (lesson: raise smart kids to be social). Genius, chubby Clinton was probably pacing the asphalt thinking, "I'll show them and fuck hundreds of prettier girls later".
Flash forward 25 years later and the fat kid has status because he is Professor Clinton, state Attorney General Clinton, Governor Clinton, and finally President Clinton. He got the payoff, and could execute on his fantasies. "Look Ma, people accept me!" If the presidential aura can make Obama, the aloof, beta loner, seem cool and sexy to some women, then a guy like the charismatic Clinton, who was a handsome middle aged man, can roll in the punani. A cabinet member said Clinton had a great listening face even when he wasn't listening or agreeing with a person; fake listen = perfect game. That validation Clinton got from banging skanks in Arkansas, later countless cities across America, and approval for being a desirable, sexy and powerful man must have made up for years of feeling like a fat, nerdy piece of white trash in Arkansas. It eventually caught up to him, as he'd take the attention from anyone just to get that rush again even at the peak of power. I'd argue that this is part of his obsession with re-election, fighting anything personal at all costs (we only found out about Lewinsky, women #27, because he wouldn't settle with Paula Jones out of court), tossing aside liberal principles just to win, and constantly changing direction per the latest polling report. Just a win was a rush. Clinton would do anything for that hit of acceptance, approval, and validation. Love me, blow me, vote for me!


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