Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Push Anti-Corruption

Hey, republicans bitching about solar company loans that went bankrupt, shut up and listen. I see you in my twitter feed. I see you on the blogs. I see you in comment sections of random news articles that dare to mention the bankrupt solar companies that received lavish grants, funding and contracts from the Obama administration (Solyndra being no. 1). This is old news anyway. Stop harping on the bankruptcy angle. Stop mentioning Obama is an idiot with regards to business. Don't attribute to incompetence what you can attribute to malice. Start focusing on the corruption angle. The Obama crowd is from Chicago, and like a good mafia, they can run a bust out.

1. Make a partnership with a non-threatening public face (Obama).
2. Have front take control of an entity with a great credit line (claims on income of USG's taxpayers).
3. Divert money to pay for your company or your companies goods (solar companies).
4. Take positions in the firms for yourself with fat salaries.
5. Never produce a product but you 'spent' the money on lots of consultants (cronies) as well as overhead in the case of employees (you & cronies) and advertising (cronies).
6. Declare bankruptcy and leave entity on the hook (income of USG taxpayers).

We could step further back and link this to academic papers that pushed solar as the best environmental energy source (forget nuclear). It is as simple as getting your friend to charge his dad's credit card to pay for your tutoring services. All government spending is a wealth transfer, but with some government spending, we get roads and buildings to use. Start calling these people what they are: mobsters who manipulate the unwashed masses to support wealth transfers because the shrinking productive elements of the economy aren't perfectly aligned with them. Find more examples of this: Wall St., green industry, GE, the media. repeat this corruption and looting angle. This is too easy, and no wonder that republicans can't figure it out. Anti-corruption is a huge message that all people would support as a reason for destroying or dismantling the monster that is the USG. Make them hate the system so much that they will do anything to be rid of it.

Note: Buffett saw how these corrupt solar companies were a scam and he loves a scam he can exploit (slightly different from above). Any reporter giving this the skewer like Krasting did?

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