Monday, April 15, 2013

Polygamy is Coming

It has been a soft campaign with hints around the edges. It changed a bit with the coverage of the Supreme Court hearing the same sex marriage arguments. Someone signed off on the Slate polygamy legalization "Polygamy is Good" article. An editor said, let's do this, a writer crafted up a nice article with typical progressive words, and the content was finalized for consumption with a photo of two attractive moms in a polygamous home. They used the gay marriage line, and it is probably a few years away, but some writer will state that a woman getting child support from two men but living with a 3rd man is a soft form of polygamy. What is good for the gay goose is good for the straight geese. All of the arguments for gay marriage are applicable to polygamy, and polygamy has an actual historical record and tradition. There are some other things at work here though, but rest assured, if the progressive steamroller is still in effect in the next 20 years, we will have polygamy.
Progressives realize marriage is good even if gender relations theorists say marriage is an evil social construct to oppress women. They have started to feel the effects of the rising tide of illegitimacy. The progs also know that no matter how much they try to brainwash women, some women still want to marry and have kids. Progressives have done enough to hamper wages for men by supporting never-ending immigration and environmental laws that ruin other male heavy industries. Family law changes have scared other men away from the divorce theft racket. The constant reduction of sexual standards and norms have created a sexual playground for handsome and wealthy men. What man needs to marry? Fewer marriage material men are around, and many others don't want to. To keep some women happy, the progs need to set up a structure for women to get their hit and fill of marriage and kids. Not all women want to raise a kid on their own, so the Uncle Sam husband substitute doesn't do it for them, plus they've seen what single moms really go through. Lawyers also really want a new revenue source. Polygamy is a goldmine for fees and contract services.
How bullshit is the progressive mind? Money Quote: "Legalized polygamy in the United States is the constitutional, feminist, and sex-positive choice." Yes folks, we have publicly inverted the "marriage is a patriarchal, oppressive construct" line. State sanctioned polygamy is actually a deeper step than same sex marriage since any gay couple can marry right now, they just won't have their marriages recognized by the state (depending on jurisdiction). Polygamous marriages aren't just unrecognized, but they are breaking the law. Think of how bullshit it is that liberals are now supporting polygamy because they have to since it is the same argument using their logic, if not better, as gay marriage. This is because the libs have reduced marriage to a contract or old fashioned and outdated, and forgotten that marriage is sacred with all those hopes and notions of romance when the couple enter matrimony. They say love is love and focus on the contract part (and benefits) instead of what marriage was intended to be. At every step, they destroy the old system to replace it with a new one, but the new one keeps needing changes because of the continuous dysfunction from liberals' original changes. Don't believe the left will fight for this? Who lines their candidates pockets? Lawyers.
Lawyers are the key. They contribute overwhelmingly to the left for a variety of reasons. The court challenges to this would earn few lawyers some fees, but the real moneymaker is in setting up the polygamy contract. Think of how complicated a divorce or asset split would be. You think first wives are going to give up their nice financial position because some younger chick marries in and then parachutes out after she has her kid and gets bored? No way. First wives will want protection. Even if this only affects 1-2% of marriages, the polygamy contract itself will generate more work for lawyers than a gay marriage, which only creates legal work if they divorce, plus the added polygamy bonus of multiple, potential divorces. Lawyers will love this, and if they love it, the Democrats will love it.
This is what happens when the left doesn't think things through and only does what feels right at the moment. The moment changes. What feels right can change with enough shouting and money. The argument that polygamy is a feminist positive thing is the signal that the snake has begun to eat its tail. Anything to draw in new voters, anything to push state dependency, anything to win. I support same sex marriage and polygamy, but I also support churches saying no way to officiating or recognizing them, and I support the government getting out of the marriage business. Most importantly, I support private, consensual relationships that have to deal with the consequences of their actions. What goes unsaid in our media, and therefore our public debates, is that the churches and communities of the world handled marriage fine for eons. We knew what worked to make society function. Once the state started to mess with marriage, divorce, child custody, etc. then mass dysfunction appeared. Never looking back, the progressive steamroller moves on.

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PRCD said...

This is just what this society needs: more children raised by distant fathers.

Did you know Osama Bin Laden was one of Sheikh Bin Laden's 50 sons?

Collapse - here it comes!