Thursday, April 04, 2013

Nation of Bastards

Reading up on baby stats, one can quickly read those headline grabbing stats about the rising percentage of births of illegitimate children. Looking at the stats with tables, the bastard rate isn't shockingly high. What is odd is how quick that number has risen since 2002 considering the plateau from the mid 90s to 2002 (see graph). Digging into the stats, the under 18 birth rate isn't up; the issue is adult women and men failing to have children within the structure of marriage. These are not stupid teens not knowing the power of sex. These are adult women choosing to sleep with men in unsafe manners and start children out at a disadvantage. These are adult men not acting responsible with sex and then being irresponsible for the consequences of their unsafe sex. I blame men and women equally: women for their stupidity & cavalier attitude towards sex & child rearing and men for their sleazy, selfish behavior. Wear a fricking condom, especially men who were children of single moms abandoned by their dads. It's also stupid as you're on the hook for child support guys. I know guys exist who want to be with their kids, but let's drop the make believe picture that every father of an illegitimate child is some saint wishing to be with his kid (looking at you MRAs). The Wall St. Journal even spotlighted this recently, months after the NY Times noted that the new class divide is marriage. The left has started to realize that this dysfunction threatens their well being. Slate is right, our growing nation of bastards is a national catastrophe.

The Wall Street Journal and the NY Times dance around reality. I'm afraid to admit Slate does a better job with this. The older Slate article does point out how people try to explain this as educated women making that decision and refutes it with the stat that only 4% of college educated women have kids out of wedlock. This is decades after Sen. Moynihan completed a report in the '60s that tried to tackle the socioeconomic issues of the black community and placed specific emphasis on the illegitimacy rate (40% for blacks in '60s). Now it is 40% nationwide (28% white, 53% Hispanic, 72% black). Obama commented on this and cast blame elsewhere on some giant economic inequality excuse, "Many black men simply cannot afford to raise a family". Thanks Bastard in Chief.  As the author points out the stupidity of Obama's statement: they can't afford to raise a family, so they run out on the family? That makes no sense, and shifts blame elsewhere. There is a weird counter causality argument here where people blame poverty on not being able to be together to raise a family rather than say that only having one income earner in a family causes children to grow up in poverty. The Wall St. Journal article focuses on the 20-somethings with bastards, which is purely a product of social engineering through the media and social welfare creep. The USG and the destruction of religious and traditional norms allowed it to be acceptable in the middle class. The USG allowed the social safety net to expand in scope.
This does matter as illegitimate children are more likely to live in poverty, drop out of high school, be incarcerated, have drug abuse & other negative social behavior issues, and then continue the cycle as an unmarried parent (source). Buy pumpkin pajamas so they get used to an orange jumpsuit. I'm not saying productive members of society can't grow from out of wedlock circumstances. I'm not saying shotgun marriages are the answer. The Wall St. Journal and Slate both miss the idea that we could remove social welfare programs or make them more limited in flexibility to remove incentives to having kids out of wedlock. God forbid we require birth control in order to receive welfare so 'no more children are born into poverty'. We can restrict or remove social welfare programs that would force people to deal with the consequences of their actions. Stop socializing negative consequences. We've all seen episodes of "Intervention"; stop the enabling and the bad behavior will stop.

The pill gave women a great way to control their reproductive destiny (as did abortion). Had you told a feminist in 1968 that in 2013, the pill would be dirt cheap or free, abortion would be legal, and premarital sex would be encouraged, they NEVER would believe that America would have 3400 abortions a day and 40% of children would be bastards. Not all women are enlightened master's degree holding, long term thinkers. Broken record alert: gender battles are elite pissing contests and socialist efforts to destroy women's natural tendencies towards men, marriage and children. They forgot that r-selection groups operate entirely different than k-selection groups. They also forgot that there is a significant population of men who want nothing to do with kids. Replacing dads with the state is horrible for kids but beneficial to impulsive women and a Godsend to idiotic, irresponsible men.

Men and women both need to consider the great power they have in creating a life. The cliche states that with great power comes great responsibility. We're a nation of bastards and have a bastard as president. It is up to us and our communities to police this. America has failed the last 50 years as we ceded that authority to someone else (the state) who benefits from dysfunction and dependency. It is up to us to explain the advantages for the child to be born into a two parent home. It is up to us to use social norms and mores to curtail less than stellar behavior. Shaming works. I say this while stressing the term illegitimate children vs. born to single moms. Far more PC and far less of a stigma to be a son of an unmarried mom than to be an illegitimate bastard. We see simple sins and bad behavior every, single day and condone or even praise them. Why? We're weak. We don't want to be ostracized or shunned for not supporting them. If we want things to change, we cannot encourage them. If harsh shaming is not soft enough for the lefties, we can just remove the money. The Russians and Chinese will force that on us anyway. This starts small, but can expand if we want to put in the effort. Stop enabling.


Mark said...

We are running out of money to keep this up but most women are to shortsighted to see that. Shaming worked in an earlier era because there were also real negative economic consequences to having a child out of wedlock in the past. It was the addition of things like rent subsidies, food stamps and so on to the already existing aid to dependent children in the sixties that made it economically more rational for poor women not to get married to the guys available to them. I had a woman tell me once that welfare increases back then made it possible for poor women to leave abusive husbands and that's true but it also made it easier for poor women to exploit honest, hardworking and responsible men by having the government extract economic resoutrces from them.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely horrible rubbish. Amounts to hate speech. Grow up. You are embarrassing your family name with this trash and your awful choice of usernames.