Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gosnell + Defining Extreme

"Because, you know, there are nuts on the right too, like people who kill abortion doctors" - My former Congressional intern sister responding to my statement that the left has lost touch with reality

The Gosnell story has been a horror show with disgusting and disturbing details coming out daily. The media blackout of the story is cathedral information flow control in action. They can't have the natives seeing the terrible side of a practice that kills thousands daily. After all, we just had an entire election where the main narrative was the GOP War on Women. We can't possibly allow people to question one of those fundamental rights of modern women. The spinmeisters spent months focusing on rape and health of mother abortion causes when those make up 3-5% of all abortions. Those reasons speak to many, if not all, people as horrible events that would give abortion a get out of jail free card. That takes the focus off of the other 95-97% of abortions that are purely a woman's decision that her lifestyle is more important than a soul's right to life on earth.

The terrible thing about Gosnell is that had he been killed by a pro-life activist, he'd be canonized. He would have died in service of a modern, progressive article of faith. That murder would've swept away all of the horrors he performed, the spinal cord slitting of living babies he delivered, all because he could be added to the small list of victims of pro-life, troglodyte violence. It is extreme to consider life precious. It is backward to support the pro-life side. It isn't PC or polite. His death would have served a purpose to the cathedral media in advancing their belief system. Gosnell wasn't shot. In fact, he was enabled by a morally corrupt state government. Killing abortion doctors is a crime and wrong, but also a statistical rarity. Abortions are commonplace. They happen at a rate of nearly two per minute. One side is called violent and aggressive. One side is extreme, but I am having a hard time figuring out why they are considered so. It might be because no one is ever allowed to discuss the truth of abortion.

"Proving my point. You can only think of abortion doc killers, and you can't even remember the last one." - My response

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