Thursday, April 25, 2013

Early Identification of the Cathedral

When I come across bits in history where people warned America of the coming dystopian government or fiat FIRE economy gone mad, I pay special attention to when, where and who. Special award to Congressman James Boyd Utt of California for stating:

"We are rapidly coming to a point where a complete change of elected officials, including Congress and the White House, can mean little change in policy. You are governed more and more by people for whom you have never voted, for whom you never will vote, whom you have never seen, and whom you cannot recall by your vote. They are entrenched in the boards, bureaus and commissions, even at the policy level. For example, you may think that the Secretary of Labor sets the policy of his Department, but I know that much of the policy of that Department is set by Civil Service employees who have been with the Department for twenty years, and they have no intention, now or ever, of recommending to the Secretary of Labor any policy which does not fit their personal philosophy of government, and you cannot remove them or replace them by your ballot. That same situation exists in the State Department, and in fact in every bureau, board and commission. This is a form of invisible government and can lead to the most oppressive type of tyranny."

This is similar to my theory that Ayn Rand, even with her faults, actually understood the Marxist cathedral before it had a name. Boyd was very anti-UN. Boyd was pretty early on his cathedral call out. When did he say this? 1960. Congressman Boyd may not have been perfect, but the man did know what was wrong with our government. I used to say the post-'65 changes to governance + society is what did America in. I was wrong. The forms and methods were in place well before the Sixties (‘33). The elite of the left were just hungry for new ideas by the ’60s. The economic equality movement was a spent force. They needed something new to use to destroy the existing order of America. Cultural Marxism, liberation theory, cultural pluralism… it will all work out fine.

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