Sunday, April 07, 2013

An Anthony Weiner Theory (very late)

Anthony Weiner got into hot water over twitter problems. The guy got plenty of media protection and the last push over the cliff was when he was linked to sending messages to an underage woman. Democrats may defend their brethren when cheating, but underage girls is where they draw the line. Weiner had eyes on much bigger seats than a Congressman from NY. Weiner wanted to be Mayor of NYC, and sit there until he got a crack at either the US Senate or Governor. He had a stocked war chest to campaign and name recognition for filling the seat. Mayor of NYC is one of the top three patronage jobs in America (POTUS, governor of southern state + NYC mayor). Weiner wanted it bad, and it was there for his taking. He pissed it away. He and Huma are still being coddled by Clinton cronies. Time had her as a woman to watch in their "40 Under 40" propaganda PR; these two are hooked up. The cathedral does nothing by accident. The sex was indirectly steroid driven. It wasn't reckless behavior due to a drug, it was the need for a family.

One Weiner problem: he wasn't married and had no kids. In America, we have an aversion to singles in politics. Part of it is that stamp of family man, but there is a deeper element. To work up the political ladder, you do need ambition, and someone without kids or a wife but playing that political game might rub people as too driven. This is a farce, as is a lot about democracy, but people find that off-putting. Weiner needed to get married. He decided to follow the Bill Clinton playbook (c'mon, you think Clinton was meant to be married).

1. Find like minded, driven woman willing to look the other way as you sleep with other women just as long as she has access to power. Huma Abedin = possible lesbian hungry to be Secretary of State someday.
2. Get hitched + have one kid. Baby Weiner born late 2011.
3. Run for office with phony multiethnic family in tow for 20 years. A Muslim + Jew happily married. Hope for us all.

Weiner timed this all perfectly for that 2013 run. Why do I think Huma is a lesbian? Besides the Hildawg rumors, Huma was pregnant when Weiner was tweet sexting. They announced her pregnancy literally right after his resignation. She had the kid in late 2011. Who stays with a man who cheats on her while pregnant + who has lost his access to power? A lesbian who is in a sham marriage. Had he stayed clean, Weiner could've run for re-election in '12 with new baby in tow, look great as a father + husband for photo ops for a year, and then run for mayor in 2013. He needed the family. He was 46 when he got married. At his age, Weiner may have needed help with fertility. Weiner was described as proud of his ripped physique (barely any muscle but probably felt like a lot to his pencil neck self). He was probably prescribed human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is a testosterone booster banned in sports due to its anabolic nature. Sure, the steroids may have contributed to his recklessness, but really, he was a sleazeball bachelor for years. He needed a kid. He took the juice for the kid. He needed to check off that box on his political resume so people would vote for him, subconsciously thinking, "He could be a selfish bachelor, but he's got a family. He's an OK guy". Weiner might be done for good, but we'll hear from Huma or him in the future. They've been pushed too much too young not to be used later. Democracy.

Side Note: Why did the Daily Show avoid skewering Weiner? Check out Jon Stewart's political donations. Weiner's his only one.

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PRCD said...

Your theory has merit. I'm always impressed by guys like Weiner who go to the gym day in and day out and never have anything to show for it. Years of ineffective stimulus result in no progress, but they keep "working out" (curls for the girls). Deadlifting is too prole, I guess.