Saturday, April 13, 2013

Allen Ginsberg, Useful Idiot Rebel

My freshman year roommate was a big Allen Ginsberg fan. He would read Howl out loud in our room. This was when he wasn't swinging between manic and depressed phases or debating if fire was alive. Ginsberg and the Beat writers were a romantic touchstone for my roommate and other silver spoon sons of Scarsdale, seeking meaning and justification for their drug abuse. They didn't have wikipedia then, so no one knew of his association with NAMBLA. Ginsberg was a bit of a douche, and also a useful idiot for the liberal media to sell the hippie, druggie counterculture.

Ginsberg was hooked up to the establishment. Below is taken from a letter sent to Dr. Timothy Leary by Allen Ginsberg,

"Yesterday got on TV with Norman Mailer and Ashley Montagu and gave big speech... recommending everybody get high... Got in touch with all the liberal pro-dope people I know to have [specific pro-drug report] publicized and circulated... I wrote a five page letter to this friend Kenny Love on the New York Times and he said he'd perhaps do a story (newswise)... which could then be picked up by U.P. friend on national wire. Also gave copy to Al Aronowitz on New York Post and Rosalind Constable at Time and Bob Silvers on Harper's..."

Ginsberg was on television and then promoted his message to establishment media figures for wide dissemination. Ginsberg was content fodder. He was a hyperaggressive, energetic self promoter. Ginsberg was a bohemian, enlightened dabbler in drugs ready for mass consumption. Not the drugs, but the type. This was a packaged personality for other users of these mind expanding drugs to model themselves after and identify with. This helped spread the use of the drugs as well as safely cordon them off as alternatives to the mainstream. It would be far more dangerous to have Americans dabbling in LSD or smoking weed and still working a 9 to 5. Crafting a semi-attached or oddball type to model, these drug users could fall into that form as well as be smeared by the mainstream, therefore the drugs get smeared by the users. The entire drug counterculture was marketed to the rest of America with direct input from middle aged beatniks passed their prime. Be a rebel, be enlightened, drop out, turn on, be a free spirit... be just like this bearded, Buddhist oddball.

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