Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Tiger Woods Issue No One Mentions

Tiger Woods went from being Jesus Christ with a Putter to a villainous whore chaser. I've blogged about Tiger before as being the result of bad parenting. The man is a great competitor, but a man. He is also the product of non-stop training since 12-18 months old for the game of golf. Anyone thinking a toddler wants to golf himself is delusional. That could lead to a warped personality as an adult. Where are the nurture advocates? With Tiger's skirt chasing and phony excuse of sex addiction, why didn't anyone mention that Tiger had an odd childhood and his acting out might be the result of bad parenting? With the borderline abusive behavior that is common knowledge, worse things might have happened in the Woods household.

We live in a society where every bad behavior is excused away by the liberals as a product of their environment, their home, their parents, legacies of system hey were never a part of (slavery, colonialism). How come no one jumped up to defend Tiger's antics as the product of his overly controlling father? Todd Marinovich was trained by his father non-stop to be the perfect quarterback. His breakdown is why other athletes with obsessive parents are compared to Marinovich. The only difference between Marinovich and Woods is that one did succeed in his sport while the other failed. Marinovich developed a drug habit that nearly killed him, but Tiger developed a sex addiction and possibly dabbled in steroids and HGH use. Marinovich in documentaries and news articles has journalists partially excuse his drug use as an expression of freedom and rebellion from an oppressive childhood. Woods going bonkers with as many women as he could is an irresponsible athlete, using his fame and money to screw around. It also might be the difference between how Americans view sex versus drugs.

Part of this is framing and the media's desire to sell a story. Woods was the world's most famous athlete and considered bulletproof. His fall from grace was too good to even question for some deeper rationale. Marinovich could be the golden boy who was abused and victimized by his father, pushing himself into deeper drug addictions to cope with his demons. Story has it that Woods broke up with his girlfriend just prior to his ex-wife because his father said she was messing with his game. Stupid, but a rumor, and it was a rumor that had legs, considering Papa Woods' control over his son. Woods sexual antics might have exploded once his father died, and that ultimate fear that he'd let down his dad who trained him from birth to play golf was removed. This is a reach, but in our victim culture, it is odd that no one ever explores the odd relationship and training of Tiger by his father. If the obsessive sports dad pushing his son to breakdown has become a common staple on television and in movies, why would the world's most successful and most documented sports obsessed father get a pass from being a part of his son's troubles?

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