Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Things Said by An Obama Admin Employee

After spending 90 minutes with a GOP strategist and downing several drinks, I decided to press my political luck and talk to one of my hooked up, Democrat friends. In contrast to the strategist, who made me worried by the bubble feeling he gave off, my friend goes back to days of yore, so no holding back. Everything in blue is from my Administration friend. Everything in black is me. I first had to discuss which of our old friends was losing their hair, what chicks we dated hadn't married, the Yankees, '70s films, if Kobe Tai weighed as much as a bag of salt, what is wrong with Hollywood today, and then I could ease into politics. The following is slightly paraphrased but 90% accurate as the buzz of alcohol was wearing off by the time we talked politics.

Are you ever getting married or having kids?

"No kids, so no marriage. Women have it good here with family law. The women in DC are awful. I'm not impressed you work at some NGO lady, I've got a trump card called White House access, plus they're usually fat."

Divorce laws will change if women keep graduating from college more than men. What guy WON'T cheat if he can be the one committing divorce theft and banging someone on the side. Plus polygamy.

"Haha, first wives ain't giving shit up to the second wives. I don't know how Muslims do it."

So is anything going to happen? Anything of importance? How stupid would amnesty be?

"Oh jesus christ, these fucktards are just passin' it around and hoping to get less blame. Summertime will see some budget deal but they'll be doen to get back for the summer recess. Nothing big is going to get done, Obama's pivot to jobs will just keep happening until he's screwed himself into the ground. Pussyfoot couldnt gin up support for any gun changes. He ain't doing shit. Amnesty will go nowhere, it's a sideshow. The GOP can't be that stupid."

Umm yeah they can be. >Insert GOP guy's name< said they needed better hispanic outreach. >We both laugh< Didn't have an answer for my importing people from a Leninist state comment. The guy benefited from the tea party wave election, but can't see that the backbone of their voters have the scratch to fund insurgent candidates. They have stupid principles to stay home or protest vote. Totally different world than the Dems. You guys can throw unemployed people on a bus and protest anywhere if you feed them. At least he agreed with me that George P. is being awfully coy and raising a ton of money just to be land commissioner in a state where he's a lock. He thinks Rubio would get the nom if they ran it today.

Out of control, deep laughter for 10 seconds by both of us, followed by, "So how many debate losses to Jindal and Christie would the playboy survive? What's he going to do, ask for them all in Spanish? Rubio's probably shooting his wad a year or two early, and he's picking the wrong issue because he's listening to the wrong people. He's an opportunist. You really think he was Tea Party guy rah rah? Jeb's running, at a minimum he's dipping his toe in to check the level of W stink for his son, and if he does, Rubio just has to hope to be Christie's running mate."

Jeb just checking the water for the name, George P. runs for Gov of Texas in '14, and then he is set for a Potus run from anywhere in '20 to '28. That is fucking genius.

"I hand it to the Bushes, they are goddamn methodical."

Yeah, I know. Rubio's interventionist behavior is annoying. Imagine where he'd be if he was ugly? Aren't you guys worried blacks will figure out they are fucked in political power once hispanics outnumber them in voting age population? Isn't that going to be a problem since you guys can't get the economy unglued because the bankers own you?

"But where are they going to go? About half of black boys are graduating high school and who is going to get shafted the most when the student loan gravy train ends? Those loans don't go away. Wait until the media starts linking the student 'debt slavery' to the higher proportion of minorities gettin' student loans. How many black men want to be CNAs for 40 years? How many could make it to LPNs? That's the job market. At what point in time do we eliminate universal voting? Half the nation is illiterate. Did you see our Twitter campaign. 140 characters or less. We practically had to show them what Obama's name looks like repeatedly for the month of voting in Cleveland. I don't know how we'd get away with eliminating universal suffrage if we did your '.xxx' red light Internet porn district idea. The fucking Internet would become an old West town with tumbleweeds."

Dude, that's bullshit. Celebrity gossip sites would still traffic a ton, online shopping, forums and then sports sites. Half the nation isn't illiterate! It's like 25% are functionally illiterate and half can't do math. You Dems are fucked if you restrict voting, but we're all screwed with the current trends. What are you going to do then?

"Long gone from here. This isn't Hollywood for ugly people, it's an asylum for assholes."

All is not lost for the GOP, as the strategy guy had plenty of great things to say. There's just that disconnect between the technocracy and rising populism, which I kept bringing up to him. Regardless of how muddied the messages became, OWS and the Tea Party had a true core feeling in common: our leaders do not align with our interests. The unraveling continues, and all can see it. From the mouths of the connected and on the progressive side: universal suffrage getting pooh-poohed by a good soldier but free thinker in the cathedral. Stay thirsty.


Anonymous said...

Interesting stuff m8.

PRCD said...

I was just in DC and it's Rome. The roads and sidewalks and monuments are all well-maintained while the rest of the country crumbled.

It's amazing how pragmatic Dems are while the Repubs are just idiots. It makes it impossible to vote for either side.